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Sun Dec 3 20:12:31 EST 1995

Announcing "Neuropsychology Central," the WWW site devoted to the
subject of neuropsychology and related material.  Included in this
page are links to professional organizations, pre- and post-doctoral
program information, individual neuropsychologist pages, assessment
information, and sections covering different aspects of this ever
growing field (e.g. cognitive, developmental, geriatric, etc.).  
Please feel free to browse, or link the page to your own page or
database.  In addition, a reader survey is included to facilitate the
expansion of this useful link.

Neuropsychology Central can be found at:
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 |    ,---. ,---. . |--- ,---.
 |    |   | |   | | |    |   |
 `--- `---' `---| ` `---'`---' @premier.net
"Neuropsychology Central"


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