Didier A. Depireux didier at eng.umd.edu
Mon Dec 4 09:00:35 EST 1995

	I would like to hear from people who use Fentanyl for small mammal
preparation, and especially from people who are doing auditory physiology. 
We are currently using pento and ketamine (one _or_ the other that is) 
for cortical recordings, but a couple of people from the vision field 
told me (at Neuroscience) that Fentanyl was the way to go. However, 
someone else said he had heard that Fentanyl was ototoxic... but I can't 
find any reference to ototoxicity of Fentanyl in the litterature. 
	Also, for a preparation like a guinea-pig, cat, ferret or similar 
size mammal, what do you use in addition to Fentanyl? Or is a combination 
of Fentanyl with Propofol better? Suggestions and/or references would 
be welcome!

					Thanks in advance!


							didier at src.umd.edu

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