GHB(Gamma-OH)as an Anti-depressant(3)

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GAMMA-OH(Gamma-Hydroxybutyrate):The First Authentic Anti-Depressant (3)
Recently,the whole world was brainwashed by Lilly Company with a severe 
blitzkrieg propaganda on an allegedly "new" anti-depressant called fluoxetine 
or Prozac.Lilly lied when it presented Prozac as being the "first" marketed 
anti-depressant of a "new" generation!The first marketed anti-depressant of 
this new family of anti-depressants called the "SSRI" was ZIMELIDINE marketed 
by Astra,in Europe,as Normud.Zimelidine was followed by INDALPINE in 
France(Upstène)and then by FLUVOXAMINE in Holland(Floxyfral)
Only FLUVOXAMINE withstood the test of time as zimelidine and indalpine had 
some unwanted side-effects,even though indalpine proved to be a remarkable 
molecule for treatment resistant persons.Fluvoxamine was marketed in Europe 
perhaps 8 YEARS BEFORE its american equivalent Prozac!Even though it did not 
reach the US market because American pharmaceutical companies had nothing to 
compete with Fluvoxamine...So Fluvoxamine was blocked to reach the US market 
until Americans could develop properly their own SS
RI! This is what american businessmen,usually,call "fairplay".By doing 
so,millions of Americans did not benefit of Fluvoxamine and,surely,many lives 
could had been saved in America by Fluvoxamine....Alas,these lives WERE NOT 
saved because of the greed and unfair practices of the american system towards 
novel medications invented elsewhere.Millions of depressed Americans were 
denied access to Fluvoxamine, for commercial purposes only.This is a moral 
perversion of the ethic of medicine.
The sad irony of this situation is that Fluvoxamine is superior ,in all 
respects,to Prozac!
For instance,Prozac has some unwanted side-effects which fluvoxamine does not 
have.Moreover,fluvoxamine can SUPPRESS the side-effects of Prozac! So why use 
Prozac at all? This is due to the fact that Lilly was very successful in 
launching a perverse propaganda campaign,superbly ignoring our european 
product and its anteriority.
Prozac,frequently,induces insomnia and headaches while it is also slighly 
sub-hallucinogenic.Fluvoxamine,on the contrary,promotes sleep and alleviates 
headaches.Also no subhallucinogenic phenomena can be detected.One reason why 
Prozac has these side-effects is because Prozac 
should,preferentially,indirectly activate serotonin 5-HT2A 
receptors.Activation of these receptors is a common effect of the 
All the unwanted side-effects of,let say a dose of 4O mgr of Prozac are 
abolished by an equipotent dose of IOO mgr of fluvoxamine.
Fluvoxamine also suppresses rapidly moral suffering(the hard-core of 
depression)and suicidal ideation while Prozac is slower on onset.
So the big commercial problem for american companies was that fluvoxamine was 
invented not in America but in Europe and marketed about 8 years before they 
could SELL their own similar products....Moral perversion,as I said,and 
totally unacceptable.
No comments!
Another european anti-depressant of which Americans have no equivalent is 
AMINEPTINE(Survector)and,naturally,Amineptine is not marketed in the USA even 
though it is a dopaminergic anti-depressant and dopaminergic anti-depressants 
are known to be more effective in treatment resistant patients.As Japanese 
say:"kaouai so" for american patients,meaning american patients are most 
unfortunate(because money always comes before morality in the US).
So we are left with the morally unacceptable fact that America has banned 
superior european anti-depressants because the same equivalent products did 
not yet exist in America.
This behaviour of the american pharmaceutical companies has been 
systematic.For instance a good anti-depressant invented in Italy and called 
TRAZODONE was imitated in America afterwards by the creation of 
NEFAZODONE(Serzone)in order to get also more money! And another novel 
anti-depressant invented in Europe,VILOXAZINE,apparently never reached the US 
Now I will come to a fantastic anti-depressant called GAMMA-OH,in France,and 
which could 
save lots of depressed people if it were marketed to that effect.
GAMMA-OH has never been studied as an anti-depressant because of what is 
called the 
IMIPRAMINOMIMETIC DOGMA .This dogma states that anti-depressants can only be 
found by those pharmacological methods which have been applied to discover 
imipramine,the first alleged anti-depressant!Clearly,this dogma is nonsense 
and it has hampered research on anti-depressants since more than 30 
years,forbidding the discovery of true fast-acting anti-depressants.This dogma 
also states that it is not possible to achieve an anti-depressant effect 
immediately but that one has to suffer for weeks before start
ing to feel better with medication...
GAMMA-OH(or gamma-hydroxybutyrate,a quite simple molecule with a vast array of 
psychotropic properties)has proved that this statement was sheer nonsense.
GAMMA-OH was discovered by a friend of mine(the late Dr.Henri Laborit who 
introduced the use of chlorpromazine in psychiatry around I952)in I96I in 
France and since that time scientists were unable to discover some rather 
extraordinary properties of this molecule on depression,anxiety and 
sociability! Why? Because nobody seriously studied the psychotropic effects of 
this molecule until I started to do the job.For some years GAMMA-OH was used 
as an hypnotic in France but people complained that they did no
t sleep long enough with that and would awake too early in the morning!
GAMMA-OH is a remarkable molecule because it can suppress depressive ideation 
and anxiety sometimes within less than 3O minutes.It also seems to be 
immediately active on the most severe and treatment resistant forms of 
depression.Because of such remarkable properties I used to 
call,jokingly,GAMMA-OH "Or Potable",in French,which means "potable gold"! 
Indeed a molecule which can block your depression and suicidal 
ideas,anxiety,etc,in such an efficient way is as precious as gold because it 
can save your lif
GAMMA-OH saved my own life many times when all other anti-depressants 
failed.For years I suffered of depressive episodes which did not react to 
conventional "anti-depressants".Why? Because,in fact,most anti-depressants(an 
anti-depressant is also called a THYMOANALEPTIC.A thymoanaleptic is a molecule 
which stimulates mood)are not really "anti-depressants" per se but 
THYMOANESTHESISERS.A thymoanesthesiser is a molecule which ANESTHESISES 
emotions and which,thus,blunt feelings.For instance,if you give "anti
-depressants" to,let say,two lovers together you will notice that their love 
feelings towards one another become anesthesised,blunted...Clearly,a molecule 
which blunts rewarding emotions is definitely not an authentic anti-depressant 
but,rather,a "mind Xylocaine"(xylocaine is an anesthesiser used for hemorhoids 
and all kinds of similar pains!).A thymoanesthesiser takes away a part of your 
personality and makes you a bit similar to people suffering from negative 
schizophrenia.On the contrary if you admini
ster gamma-hydroxybutyrate to a pair of lovers you will notice that it will 
enhance their love feelings because it stimulates sociability.
Prozac and Fluvoxamine and all SSRI are,in fact,thymoanesthesisers not 
authentic thymoanaleptics.They block depression by SUPPRESSING or reducing 
feelings,euphoric or dysphoric and you become a kind of satisfied zombie! No 
more suffering but no more real happiness.On the contrary,AMINEPTINE does not 
suppress emotions but it does not intensify them either.So amineptine is an 
anti-depressant but still not the ideal thymoanaleptic.
After years of reflexions on depression I realised,one day,that a real 
anti-depressant should STIMULATE SOCIABILITY.Why? Because depression 
is,basically,a defect of sociability.Depression is a state of LOWERED 
SOCIABILITY and when natural sociability is lowered in a human brain(for 
instance through competition,etc)then this brain starts to suffer 
morally.Experience has shown that when sociability is ENHANCED then depression 
vanishes.GAMMA-OH is the first molecule discovered which does just this:it 
GAMMA-OH is hypothesised to cure depression by stimulation of brain OXYTOCIN 
neurotransmission.Oxytocin is a very important molecule responsible of 
sociable states,of the maternal instinct and of all activities related to the 
maintainance of life.For instance,oxytocin is involved in sex and orgasm and 
orgasm intensity seems directly linked to enhanced oxytocin neurotransmission.
GAMMA-OH suppresses depressed ideation with amazing rapidity.You may feel 
uncurable dysphoria with suicidal ideation,anxiety,etc,and think that no 
medicine or no one could help you until you try gamma-hydroxybutyrate! After 
you may just think how crazy you were and feel how life is beautiful and 
deserves to be lived and enjoyed!
Gamma-hydroxybutyrate strongly stimulates the desire to be and to remain alive 
despite unfavourable circumstances.No conventional so-called anti-depressant 
does that.
Gamma-OH is the fastest anti-depressant known and can,often,suppress severe 
depressive ideation within just hours while conventional thymoanesthesisers 
take WEEKS or MONTHS to alleviate suffering...GAMMA-OH therapy is also very 
short:less than a month of treatment is effective,as opposed of months or 
years of treatment with other treatments.

How to use Gamma-OH
GAMMA-OH(this is the brand name of this molecule in France)should be used as 
Three doses of 2 gr per day on an empty stomach.For instance,2gr in the 
morning,then 2gr before eating your first meal,at noon,then the last dose at 
around 6 in the evening.
GAMMA-OH should always be associated with CLONAZEPAM(Rivotril)Imgr taken in 
the morning.If you suffer from intractable moral pain you will be surprised to 
feel that your blocked gratifying emotions come back very,very fast!
GAMMA-OH is a self-limiting medicine,which means that you discover by yourself 
when it is time to stop medication.Why? Because GAMMA-OH induces EMOTIONAL 
SATIETY and when you are emotionally satiated you do not feel like asking for 
more joy as you feel already fed up with happiness!!! Yes,you can be fed up 
with happiness!This is why people using GAMMA-OH never become addicted.In 
fact,GAMMA-OH is even used to treat alcohol and opiate addicts.
GAMMA-OH gives you a strong DESIRE TO LIVE whatever are the circumstances.This 
is why it is the only authentic anti-depressant 
available.Gamma-hydroxybutyrate was the first sociabiliser which I discovered 
through Henri Laborit.Laborit is well-known in France for his many books on 
society.He used to drink GAMMA-OH 3 times a week,which maintained him in an 
amazing shape! However,Gamma-OH,normally,cannot be taken for a long period of 
time continuously as it tends to induce fatigue and,sometimes,anxiety.So e
motional satiety or fatigue,etc,make Gamma-OH a non-addictive medicine as 
people will,spontaneously,stop medication when they feel these phjenomena!
GAMMA-OH is a so-called Gaba B agonist and a TYROSINE HYDROXYLASE ACTIVATOR.
At pharmacological doses,it has,recently,been found,in Strasbourg(France),to 
be a tryptophan hydroxylase activator.At the normal doses used for depression 
and anxiety Gamma-OH has a small regulatory dopaminergic activity:it 
regularises dopaminergic activity.Gamma-OH is found,naturally,in the brain 
together with another more rigid analog called 
GAMA-AMINO-TRANS-CROTONATE(G.A.T.C) which is one of the most potent agonist of 
the newly discove
red Gaba C receptors.It is not known yet whether Gamma-OH or GHTC bind to 
these Gaba C receptors.There are specific receptors to 4-OHB(another name of 
Gamma-OH!)and GHTC in the brain.These receptors are called GHB 
receptors.French scientists have found that some benzamide neuroleptics bind 
with high affinity to these receptors.Nobody knows yet what 4-OHB and GHTC 
do,exactly,in the brain! They may serve as neuromodulators.The only rather 
clear thing we know is that stimulation of these receptors could be 
involved in the generation of "petit mal" epilepsy.Gamma-OH can induce,very 
rarely(and this is not dose-dependent!)slight subjective effects reminiscent 
of petit mal epilepsy.These effects are adequately blocked by CLONAZEPAM and 
this is the reason why Gamma-OH should,always,better be absorbed with 
clonazepam or other benzodiazepines.Benzodiazepines seem to have a good 
protective effects against the eventual minor side-effects of Gamma-OH.For 
instance,short term use of Gamma-OH is strongly anxiolytic and
 a very effective medication for panic attacks which are reversed within I5 to 
2O minutes(on an empty stomach only).However,if Gamma-OH is taken for weeks it 
can induce what looks like a "rebound" anxiety phenomenon.This anxiety 
manifests itself as plain anxiety or a panic attack just when the psychotropic 
effects of Gamma-OH start to wane.In such cases of 
anxiety,clonazepam(2mgr),midazolam(I5mgr), triazolam(O.5mgr) or 
chlorazépate(Tranxène,25 mgr)should be used.
Many years ago I discovered a second class of Sociabilisers(though less potent 
because of a mixed pro-serotoninergic action)called the TRYPTOPHAN HYDROXYLASE 
INHIBITORS,such as MDMA(3,4 methylenedioxymethylphenylisopropylamine)or 
MDAI(5,6 methylenedioxyaminoindane).The sociabilising actions per se of MDMA 
are similar but GAMMA-OH is more potent and perfectly safe while MDMA is 
neurotoxic and cardiotoxic.MDAI is a non-neurotoxic analogue of MDMA.New 
analogues of both GAMMA-OH and MDMA have been devised.
The sociabilising action of MDMA is related to its indirect blocking of 
SEROTONIN neurotransmission in a brain structure called the MEDIAN RAPHE 
NUCLEUS.When the Median Raphe Nucleus is inactivated then 
sociability,spontaneously,appears.In fact,both GAMMA-OH and MDMA could act at 
a common site modulating oxytocinergic neurotransmission.I have now a 
hypothesis which could link the effects on sociability of these two 
molecules.Basically this hypothesis states that MDMA might be an indirect 
tyrosine hydroxy
lase activator by suppressing the action of serotonin at post-synaptic 5-HT-IA 
heteroreceptors,thus enhancing the activity of tyrosine hydroxylase in some 
unidentified locus.There exists one molecule, called NAN-I9O ,which could help 
in evaluating this hypothesis.GAMMA-OH is a pure sociabiliser while MDMA and 
MDMA-mimetics are partial sociabilisers.At low doses of MDMA the sociabilising 
action of this substance is masked by a pro-serotoninergic action as MDMA 
is,also, a serotonin releaser.This effect of 
MDMA produces a psychotropic action similar to the serotoninergic 
thymoanesthesisers such as fluvoxamine,citalopram,sertraline,etc.At higher 
dosage the sociabilising action of MDMA becomes manifest.Subjectively speaking 
2.5gr of GAMMA-OH are equivalent to 2OOmgr of MDMA.Haloperidol Imgr does not 
block the sociabilising actions of Gamma-OH while it blocks the dopaminergic 
effects of a dose of 2OOmgr of Amineptine,a dopamine re-uptake 
blocker.Haloperidol might block the sociabilising effects of MDMA.This i
s not clear yet.
GAMMA-OH might,theoretically,be also effective against the negative symptoms 
of schizophrenia but this remains to be tested.
GAMMA-OH can be obtained in France under this name.It has been produced since 
its discovery by the Laboratoire Egic,Amilly,France,under the trademark of 
"Gamma-OH"(telephone:30-67-I6-I6).Now it is,apparently,produced by another 
company and this company does not know yet that they have potential gold in 
their hands because if Gamma-OH is demonstrated to be the superior 
anti-depressant which I claim,then it would throw in the garbage can most of 
the antique anti-depressants!You get Gamma-OH in vials of 2.5
gr to be dissolved in orange juice or milk(Henri Laborit's advice!),as its 
taste is not good.Gamma-OH boxes are blue in colour and contain only 6 vials.A 
box costs about IO swiss francs.Gamma-OH is,sometimes,very effective against 
migraines but only for one hour and a half! The activity of Gamma-OH against 
migraines is not predictable,like many other medicines used for that.MDMA is 
also very effective against migraines but this has not been studied...
GAMMA-OH should never be mixed with alcohol,opiates,antibiotics, or anything 
else except benzodiazepines, Amineptine, or Fluvoxamine.The psychotropic 
effects of IOOmgr of fluvoxamine will be suppressed,for about one hour and a 
half,by a dose of 2.5gr of Gamma-OH.Amineptine does not seem to modify the 
psychotropic effects of Gamma-OH while L-Dopa intensifies the hypnotic effects 
of this molecule.
The recommended dose of Gamma-OH should NOT be exceeded.If you overdose,you 
fall into a hypnotic sleep from which you cannot be awaken for 
hours.Moreover,it could promote "petit mal" epilepsy in such overdoses.Anyhow 
there is no need for overdosing.If used as prescribed here it is a very safe 
anti-depressant and anti-panic medication.
GAMMA-OH is available only on prescription.

The demonisation of Gamma-OH in North-America:A New Form of Inquisition
Note:We are living since the, I96O's,in a world of INQUISITION against all 
psychotropic molecules  which generate some forms of pleasure.This modern 
Inquisition started in  America as a puritanical expression of american 
society to ban pleasure from life.This Inquisition should be fought against as 
it has halted the development of scientific research on the mind.3O years of 
research have been lost because Americans imposed an INTELLECTUAL EMBARGO on 
many research involving the mind.For instance, all rese
arch on the hallucinogens was stopped,thanks to this perverse Inquisition.This 
intellectual embargo should be lifted and scientists and laymen should fight 
for that.
No Inquisition can be accepted in the scientific field.American society has 
systematically demonised all psychotropic molecules which can give 
pleasure.This is sheer madness and should strongly be opposed.The right to use 
our brain in the way we want should be a fundamental right of man and put in 
the Declaration of Human Rights.I hope this goal will be achieved in the 
future.One of the reason which motivated me to write what you are reading is 
that GAMMA-OH has been in use,for knowledgeable people in Eu
rope,for decades.Now it reached the USA,unfortunately,because,as usual,some 
american INQUISITORS are trying to demonise this very useful molecule.These 
pseudo-scientific AYATOLLAHS should be put back in their middle-ages 
churchs.In Iran,ayatollahs are condemning sex.In America,the american 
ayatollahs want,desperately,to control the use of our mind.This is an 
untolerable situation.Progress is made through freedom and knowledge,not under 
the guidance of any ayattolah.Let us make a grassroot movement agains
t all these ayatollahs! Ayatollahs and similar Inquisitors should go back into 
their dungeons!!! Middle-Age is over.The quest for Freedom is a never-ending 
quest.It is surprising that you do not need,yet,a prescription for 
Champagne,wines and other alcohols in North-America because if alcohol were 
judged by pharmaceutical standards it would have been banned a long time 

Gamma-OH in France and North-America
Gamma-oh was invented by Dr.Wermuth,in France,for Dr.Henri Laborit who is the 
father of chlorpromazine and modern psychopharmacology.Wermuth created 
gamma-hydroxybutyrate in I96I in the search of a GABA analog which 
could,readily,penetrate the blood-brain barrier.
Gamma-OH soon went to the market as an hypnotic which could be obtained with 
no medical prescription.The French,until I started to study this molecule,were 
unable to classify it under any class.For sometimes,it was an hypnotic 
inducing a form of sleep very similar to normal sleep,then it became a 
pre-anesthesiser,etc.About I5 years ago,I,finally,discovered that Gamma-OH 
was,in fact,a molecule to be classified under the novel class of the 
Sociabilisers,together with its butyrolactone form which is,readily
,transformed into Gamma-OH in the blood by a non specific lactonase.In 
fact,butyrolactone is a pro-drug giving rise to gamma-hydroxybutyric 
acid.Gamma-OH has a recognised peripherical oxytocinergic action while its 
central oxytocin properties are still to be demonstrated but seem very likely.
Gamma-OH is known in France through the many books of Henri Laborit and his 
Laborit always praised the properties of Gamma-OH and,as France is definitely 
not a puritanical society banning pleasure from existence,Gamma-OH has always 
been available,even though its stimulates pleasure.Laborit always advocated 
the general use of Gamma-OH in society,like butter or milk! Why? Because it 
takes away your stress,makes you more positive towards life,suppresses 
selectively,like a kind of "psychological diode",your painful 
feelings,stimulates your sociability and makes you more tender,more 
loving,more concerned by others.Also you become keenly aware that you have 
only one life and that life should be a quest for happiness.Gamma-OH makes you 
realise how much you need others and this is a highly positive thing.I always 
knew that when Gamma-OH would arrive in puritanical North-America it would,one 
day,be demonised...Unfortunately for North-Americans,the ayatollahs of the 
pleasure INQUISITION have struck again and banned 
gamma-hydroxybutyrate!Laborit just died,recently,a few months ago at an o
ld age.Sometimes,he used to joke that Gamma-OH made him live longer as he 
would suppress his stress with this "drinkable gold",in case of need!!! He 
always said that his two greatest discoveries were chlorpromazine and Gamma-OH 
but he never fully realised that Gamma-OH could open a new era in the 
management of depression and anxiety.He never fought in order to promote the 
study of the psychotropic effects of Gamma-OH,he never discovered that 
Gamma-OH was the first molecule of a novel class:the Sociabilis
ers.He just enjoyed Gamma-OH,with his friends,while conducting other 
researches.All the people who have surrounded Laborit have,naturally,more or 
less been exposed to Gamma-OH! I was lucky to be one of these people.Gamma-OH 
is still a crude medicine.It should be properly studied and better analogs 
should be invented.The use of sociabilisers may have tremendous effects on our 
societies,reducing intra-specific aggression and enhancing cooperation instead 
of competition.Gamma-OH is a convivial medicine as i
t shows you that you need others to be happy.Long term on and off use seems to 
make you more immune to stress and dysphoria,more loving towards people in 
general,more active in your life as it stimulates your enthusiasm because you 
are so aware that life can be a fantastic thing,everyday.The general use of 
sociabilisers may be a temporary solution for the intra-specific aggressivity 
of the human kind.Can Gamma-OH and novel analogs reduce wars,at last? I leave 
this question opened for your reflexion.
I will summarise,now, the psychotropic profile of Gamma-OH,something which I 
have done in a lenghty paper many years ago,in French.

Description of the Psychotropic Effects of Gamma-OH(I985)
Gamma-OH have the following properties:
A.It stimulates sociability which means that you feel like communicating with 
other people in all ways:emotionnal,intellectual,sexual.And from this 
communication you feel a very strong and deep happiness.Why? 
Because,probably,Gamma-OH inactivates a system which,normally,controls our 
base-line level of paranoia.Gamma-OH seems to dissolve paranoia and induce 
B.Gamma.OH gives you a strong desire to TOUCH others,physically and 
C.Communication becomes extremely gratifying as you feel you want to become 
close to people,not to isolate yourself.
D.Gamma-OH induces a strong sense of BEAUTY.Everything looks so beautiful,so 
VIVID,so enjoyable,so pleasurable,so important,so "deep".
C.The perception of movement is enhanced.
D.Three-dimensional perception is enhanced and vision seems more clear,better 
than usual.
E.The contrast of colours between objects is increased.A yellow 
"pissenlit"(dandelion),or a rose,etc,situated in front of,let say,green grass 
look brighter,more real,closer to you.
F.You can feel a sense of freshness on your face(this effect has also been 
noticed with Nomifensine,a dopaminergic thymoanaleptic).
G.You feel very hungry.This may be useful in treating anorexics.
H.If you are a man,a woman will look magnificent and very attractive.She may 
become just like a goddess to your eyes.Women will experience the same 
feelings towards men.However,these kinds of feelings depend of your cultural 
background.For instance,a simple Siamese woman will not feel such intense 
feelings but will report that she feels drunk!Gamma-OH is a very important 
tool in order to investigate the emotionnal background of a person.For 
instance loving persons will become more loving while people dev
oid of these feelings will just feel in good mood,only.Some people may 
cry,which demonstrates that they have a lot of repressed materials in 
I.Sensuality becomes very intense.You want to touch,to kiss,to caress,to 
hold,to love,to hug,to make love.In summary,you want to contact others through 
any mean available because you are just highly sociable!
J.According to Henri Laborit,Gamma-OH renders the clitoris more 
sensitive.Moreover,Gamma-OH increases love and sexual desires both in women 
and men.
However,it has a tendency to lower erection abilities in man!Making love with 
Gamma-OH is an extraordinary experience!
Love feelings are intensified and the person you love can,even,look to you 
like a deity.
K.Sometimes,frustrations can be liberated through crying and a deep sense of 
L.You can sometimes feel a deep sense of "meaningfulness".Things become 
meaningful to you,even you are unable to scientifically define such a mystical 
feeling.This meaningfulness of reality is a very interesting phenomenon from a 
scientific point of view as it seems to show that there exists a "circuit" of 
meaningfulness in our nervous system.Non-specific activation of this 
circuit,under Gamma-OH,would give us a "deep" sense of "meaningfulness" which 
is,of course,imaginary.
M.Gamma-OH stimulates your recall abilities related to previous Gamma-OH 
experience.Each time you take Gamma-OH you can,often,remember very well 
memories stored under another Gamma-OH context.Emotions are,especially,well 
remembered and reexperienced.

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