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Richard Kerr kerrr at CRYPTIC.RCH.UNIMELB.EDU.AU
Sun Dec 10 19:42:37 EST 1995

hey neuronetters  !
Did any of you receive this post from fred ?
In case you aren't up with the "amazing" news I thought you might like a look.

>RE: The Learning Machine Takes You Beyond Virtual Reality
>        http://Zygon.com
>Amazing!! If you have a moment check out a new web site
>http://Zygon.com.  They have an incredible new multi-media technology
>that uses a special digital headset that forces your mind to learn. 
>It blew my mind!!! 

Hmmm, perhaps this is what happens when you 'force' a mind to learn.  Is
this actually possible....I'm not up with the research on this topic.  Is
this of interest to any one?  of course the headset would have to be
"digital" as an analog headset just wouldn't cut it  ;-)

 Kinda felt like I was dreaming, while l earning
>foreign languages, and programming my subconscious for success.  And
>you can even read books with your eyes closed.  

How do you read books with your eyes closed?  How does the data cross the
epidermal layers of the eyelid & do you focus the data with your optical
machinery or does it project straight into your optic nerve?

Pretty awesome. 

agreed !

>company offers a free 30 day trial.  Check it out!!! 
>Fred Sterling

cheers everyone

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