WARNING! Aspartame (Nutrasweet) Labelling Need

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>Betty Martini   <betty at noel.pd.org> wrote:
>>I just lectured for the World Environmental Conference.  The keynote 
>>address by the EPA discussed an epidemic of multiple sclerosis and 
>>systemic lupus.  They didn't know what toxin was causing it.  I said: "I'm 
>>Patients are coming down with horrible neurological symptoms and diseases 
>>and most physicians are not associating them with aspartame because they 
>There is a world wide epidemic of almost all neuropsychiatric and 
>immune disorders, not just MS and lupus, but it started well before 
>the introduction of aspartame.

Well, I think that something is definitely wrong - and your statements are 
eye opening - since I have observed many people with some type of neuro 
problems - ringing in the ears - MS type of symptoms - fatigue - joint 

Although your suspicions of aspartame and genetics deserve some merit - I 
must respectfully disagree with both of you.  There is something wrong - the 
EPA says there is an epidemic of MS and systemic lupus - well, I don't think 
it is Aspartame or genetics - I think something more ominous is involved

Stay tuned whilst I formulate my theory...

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