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Christian Holscher (CHOLSCHR at MAIL.TCD.IE) wrote:
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: > Please.  This is the wrong newsgroup for this discussion.  Try
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: Right.   Or try alt.US.relig.nuts

: Christian

I'm not so sure.  The juxtaposition of the theology and the poem leads
me to wonder if dogma evolved from doggerel.  This would tie into
Dawkins' (I think) conjecture that social entities evolve in a manner
similar to the evolution of biological entities (memes vs genes).  If
so they would be intelectually homologous.  Or else they may be only
analogous as in the convergent evolution of similar anatomical
structures in different lineages to adapt to a particular
environmental constraint (like wings in bats and birds).

There may well be interesting neurological constraints precluding
rational thought and selecting the development of alternative magical
and mystical "reasoning" mechanisms.  Perhaps a hormonal response to
confusion and anxiety that leads to herding behavior and hostility
toward non herd members.  Or it may induce novel glutamate receptors
in Brocca's area, leading to speaking in tongues.

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