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Betty Martini

Fri Jul 7 18:38:00 EST 1995

On 5 Jul 1995 jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu wrote:

> Does  anyone but me wish this woman would put some references behind 
some of
 her claims....? According to you Betty, the cause of both ALzheimer's and
 Parkison's disease has been found to be Nutrasweet.....or at least they make
 it much worse. WHERE are the medical journal articles to prove this?
 Antedotal evidence frommone or two people is hardly evidence or proof and
 certainly is NOT science.> Quote one man or doctor with unknown credentials
 is very dubious...
> jen
I second that motion,  It was my understaning that this newsgroup was 
designed to cater to the concerns of real researchers.  I expected 
statements to be backed by references to  supporting literature.  The 
notion that aspartame is the largest coverup in U.S. history, or is a 
cause of various neurological diseases  are bold 
statements which, to be beleived, would require substantial supporting 
evidence. Betty does not provide this and thus does not in any way 
validate her stements.  In my opinion this newsgroup is 
not the place for Betty and her fear mongering, non scientifically 
motivated tactics; nor is it the place discusions for debating issues 
such as evolution vs. creationalism which while being an interesting topic of 
discusion has nothing to do with research in the field of neuroscience.    

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