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Betty Martini (fwd)

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Wed Jul 12 23:14:35 EST 1995

I'm not going to include the recent message played back because anyone 
can read it above.  But I want to respond to this Martini/Watts first.
Alan Watts has nothing to do with me.  His name was just accidently 
placed on the pd.org with mine I guess because we are on the same pd.org
and he helped set me up.

Second, the reason I have posted in this news group is because the 
majority of all symptoms from NutraSweet are neurological and if you will 
read the posting above you will note that the NutraSweet-Alzheimer link 
is the subject of a new book by a researcher of Alzheimers for 30 years.

Third, Dr. Whitaker is not my mentor and has nothing to do with Alzheimers.
I have mentioned Dr. Whitaker in the diabetic newsgroup because he has 
written a book called REVERSING DIABETES.  I am familiar with his work 
and have seen diabetics following his advice eliminate many diabetic 
problems.  I do admire the man because he combines allopathic medicine 
with alternative medicine, relying many times on natural products that 
will eliminate dangerous drugs.  For instance, if you look in the PDR you 
will notice under Micronase, a diabetic drug, it admits a side effects of 
heart mortality.  He has recommended Stevia instead of aspartame because 
Stevia is a food and helps metabolize sugar in diabetics so would assist 
them rather than poison them like aspartame.

Also, I attended the American College of Physicians conference here in 
March in Atlanta and I can tell you the endocrinologists do not know 
there is methyl alcohol in aspartame and what they are recommending for 
diabetics is what is keeping them out of control.  Much of what they 
think is diabetic retinopathy is in fact vision disturbance from 
aspartame because the methanol converts to formaldehyde in the retina.

One of the professors there was Dr. Jonathan B. Jaspan, F.R.C.P. (UK), 
F.A.C.P., Tulis-Tulane Alumni Professor, Chief, Diabetes Program, 
Director, Endocrine Fellowship Training Program.  I sent him the 
documents he requested and on April 20, 1995 he sent me this letter:

"Dear Mrs. Martini:

Thanks for your letter which I read with great interest.  This whole area 
is obviously very complex, and extremely important.  I unfortunately have 
little knowledge on this subject, but it is clear to me from the 
information you provide that a lot more controlled research in this area 
is necessary.  I am certainly chastened by what yu have told me and I 
think it is vital to inform the consumer public of the potential dangaers 
inherent in unrestricted aspartame use."

Dr. Jaspan is probably the most eradite speaker I've ever heard.  I was 
told he was one of the leading endocrinologists in this country and has a 
very high reputation.

It is interesting that the most brilliant minds are the ones open and the 
ones who want to look at the evidence. 

Many physicians at the conference in endocrinology were horified when 
they saw the reports I had with him on aspartame.  Two physicians said: 
"How could the American Diabetic Assn do this to us."  In other words, 
how could they recommend this for diabetics when it is a neurotoxin and has
methyl alcohol in it which is lethal for diabetics.  I lamented that they 
are funded by Monsanto who owns Searle.

The methanol in aspartame converts to formaldehyde and then formic acid 
and causes metabolic acidosis.  The phenylalaline in aspartame breaks 
down the seizure threshold of the brain and depletes serotonin production.
Researchers attribute low brain serotonin levels to depression, rage and 
paranoia.  This is what we are seeing.

Why would the FDA over-rule a Board of Inquiry that told them not to 
approve aspartame because it caused brain tumors and seizures in lab 
animals, and outlaw a safe substitute like Stevia?  The April report from 
the FDA lists over 10,000 complaints which makes up almost 80% of all 
complaints on food additives.  What are they going to do about it.  They 
said in the Food Chemical News they were no longer going to compile reports.

The FDA complaint report which I had to get by filing with Freedom of 
Information (even though it was in the public domain) lists almost 500 
cases of seizure and 362 vision problems, 255 cases of memory loss, 230 
other neurological problems they don't list and 656 complaints having to 
do with change in mood.  There were 736 complaints of dizziness and poor 
equilibrium and 1847 complaints of headaches.  Normally when you complain
of headaches to the FDA they tell you they are not taking headache 
complaints.  Sometimes they just turn you away when you try to complain.

Since these postings are read around the world there are a lot of people 
getting off of aspartame, and I can tell you my mail is piled high on my 
desk, and messages come in by the hundreds.  Those who are listening and 
taking the "no aspartame" test are getting well and their symptoms are 

Even physicians have been kept in the dark because Monsanto funds 
organizations, Congress, etc.  At the Conference of the American College 
of Physicians one neurosurgeon (professor) said in a workshop:  "Please 
somebody tell us why are so many people having seizures.  I don't care 
how absurd it may sound - we have to find out where they are coming from."

Obviously, we know.  When a Worldwide Pilot Hotline has to be set up to 
do nothing but warn pilots and take complaints its quite serious.  Their 
number iss 214 352-4268.  Over 600 pilots have already called, many of 
them because of grand mal seizures in the cockpits of commercial airliners.
While the FDA calls these complaints anecdotes and turns away MISSION 
POSSIBLE has packets flown around the world to air traffic controls to 
warn pilots and keep the planes in the sky.

According to Mary Nash Stoddard, founder of the Worldwide Pilot Hotline, 
the U.S. Air Force and U.S. Navy closed down for 48 hours because of 
unexplained accidents and then warned all pilots off this neurotoxin.  OUR
flyer quotes a paragraph from the U.S. Air Force Journal at that time, 
FLYING SAFETY, May 1992:  "Some people have suffered aspartame related 
disorders with doses as small as that carried in a single stick of 
chewing gum.  This could mean a pilot who drinks diet sodas is more 
susceptible to flicker vertigo, or to flicker induced epileptic 
activity.  It also means that all pilots are potential victims of sudden 
memory loss, dizziness during instrument flight and gradual loss of vision."

Remember that the American Airliner that fell out of the sky in December 
was reported as pilot error - tunnel vision.

If you want a copy of this warning flyer we distribute worldwide simply 
email me to email you instructions on getting this from an auto-responder.
You can also access case histories of real people, and see multiple sclerosis
reversed because in reality it was methanol toxicity from aspartame.  It 
causes horrible equilibrium problems.

And if you are asking about death from NutraSweet let me quote a case 
history that was printed in a local newspaper in Atlanta in April, 1994:

"Aspartame killed my wife.  No words can express the agony and horror 
sweet Joyce endured.  This poison destroyed her brain, ravaged all her 
organs and blinded her.  She died at age 46 in 1991.

When we filed suit we were harassed and threatened.  Our gung-ho 
attorneys with a medically documented case suddenly seemed scared away.  
The case had to be dropped.  Joyce deteriorated so quickly she would not 
have been able to participate in the legal proceedings anyway.

Don't listen to the paid Judas-goats and TV celebrities who say its 
safe.  Save your life and those you love, and avoid the grief I endured.  
The makers of this poison considered her death an acceptable cost of 
business.  I'm a man without a wife because the NutraSweet Company is a 
business without a conscience.  April is Anti-aspartame month.  Take dead 
serious the warnings you will hear.  The life you save may be your own."
Richard Wilson, Stockbridge, Georgia.

Before Joyce died she testified before Congress.  Her case was listed 
when the Community Nutrition Institute filed a petition to remove 
aspartame from the marketplace because of its link to blindness.  When 
she died she was just like an Alzheimer patient with no memory.  I'm 
telling the symptoms are neurological!

In late September Joyce's son married.  On her empty chair was a long 
stem rose.  On October 1 MISSION POSSIBLE exposed the American Diabetic 
Assn. in Atlanta at their walk-a-thon (sponsored by NutraSweet, of 
course) for taking megabucks from Monsanto and endorsing this poison with 
full knowledge of its disastrous affects on diabetics.  The day was 
dedicated to Joyce Wilson.  Press packs were given out with black lace 
for mourning and garnished with a long stem yellow rose.

Diabetics continually called because they were given flyers at the 
walk-a-thon and a paper by a physician telling how deadly aspartame is 
for diabetics.  Most of them said:  "I can't believe it - since I've been 
off aspartame, my vision is returning, my blood sugar is under control, 
my headaches and depression are gone - and I feel my life has been returned."

It was reported in a local newspaper.  A former FDA investigator wrote:
"In my opinion, NutraSweet is a poisonous neurotoxin."

You can access this article by emailing me for instructions to the 

Take it seriously, like Richard Wilson said:  The life you save just may 
be your own!  We are a volunteer force - we are not physicians - but we 
are working at our expense to warn you the public that NutraSweet is a 
chemical poison and can take your life just like it took the life of 
Joyce Wilson.  Patricia Craine also lost her life to NutraSweet.  
Christine Onassis' (a diet coke addict) autopsy report was identical to 
that of Patricia Craine as reported on CBN about a year ago.  

Sometimes the FDA lists deaths under symptoms - other!  I guess you would 
call it the ultimate symptom.  

I don't have to convince anyone reading this posting who may be on 
NutraSweet and having neurological problems.  Take the "No aspartame 
test" and see the difference in your condition in about six weeks.  


Betty Martini
Domain:  betty at pd.org
UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty

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