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Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Wed Jul 12 22:29:19 EST 1995

Hi Guys:  Sorry I didn't realize you were writing about me.  You asked 
for references - I wish you had emailed me I would have known you needed 
information.  On Alzheimers there has just been a book written about it 
Dr. Roberts has been doing research on Alzheimers for 30 years and just 
published just book.  He is a member of many prestigious medical and 
scientific organizations - including the Endocrine Society and the 
American Academy of Neurology.  He has authored eight acclaimed books, 
two being nominated for a Pulitzer Prize. 

He says on page 12: " Some of my researches involving other medical disorders
(e.g. multiple sclerosis, hypoglycemia, diabetes mellitus) unexpectedly 
came to figure prominently in crystallizing the AD prone state.  The 
confusion and memory loss associated with reactions to products 
containing aspartame (NutraSweet) provided intriguing insights."

Further in the book on page 48 he says:  "Novel food products and certain 
food additives containing large amounts of single amino acids that can 
cross the blood brain barrier and alter vital neurotransmitter function 
at nerve membranes".  

He has a chapter on NutraSweet.  Aspartic acid (an excitotoxin) and 
phenylalaine (a neurotoxin) cannot be biologically accepted by the brain 
in large amounts without the other amino acids in protein.  This is also 
confirmed by the neurosurgeon, Dr. Russell Blaylock, in his book 
EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS.  He says that the ingredients in 
NutraSweet literally stimulate the neurons of the brain to death.

The primary metabolic and neurotoxin changes that cause Alzheimers 
Disease probably induce deterioration of nerve cells and membranes, with 
ensuing plaques and neurofibrillary tangles.  Amyloid formation 
subsequently occurs when the usually protected amyloid precursor protein 
becomes exposed, and undergoes protelytic cleavage.  If the amyloid 
precursor is cleaved out, amyloid tends to be deposited around cells and 
blood vessels.

Here's the problem:  Alzheimers is a 20th century disease.  Dr. Alois 
Alzheimer reported the single case of a 51 year old German woman in 
l907.  Now it is the 4th leading cause of death in adults in this country.
There are 250,000 cases diagnosed each year and 100,000 deaths.  
According to this book 50% of all patients in nursing homes have Alzheimers.
One out of three families in the United States has experienced the 
destabilizing impact caused by AD in a member.

The public is continually exposed to numerous neurotoxins capable of 
destroying brain cells.  Industry introduces some 1,000 new chemicals 
every year, generally without information (known or suspected) about 
their potential long term hazards for humans.

It is unlikely that any pharmacologic "magic bullet" can cure AD in the
wake of sufficient nerve cell death to have caused dementia. 
This means we have to look at prevention.

This book is the best I've ever read.  Dr. Roberts writes with great 
dignity and understanding.  I'ts destined to be a best seller.  If 
you're really interested in Alzheimers you can get this book by calling 
1 800-814-9800. If you're in the Atlanta area, Dr. Roberts is having a 
seminar on the subject at the Double Tree Hotel on July 29 and you can 
register at this same number.  He will also go into NutraSweet's effect 
on Alzheimers.  Basically it accelerates the disease.  It takes 20 or 
30 years according to Dr. Roberts to get the disease but NutraSweet is 
speeding up the process.

Gentlemen< just for a minute consider logic.  Would three organizations 
in this country be set up to warn and take complaints on NutraSweet if 
there wasn't serious poisoning.  MISSION POSSIBLE is distributing 
warning flyers worldwide, taking case histories and providing 
documented evidence in the way of reports by physicians, etc.

The Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and the Worldwide Pilot Hotline 
in Dallas is set up just to take complaints and also warn the public.  
Their number is 214 352-4268.  The reason the Worldwide Pilot Hotline 
was set up is because NutraSweet is a seizure triggering drug and 
pilots are having grand mal seizures in the cockpits of commercial 
airliners.  More than 600 pilots have called, many of them because of 
these grand mal seizures.  Also in lab studies aspartame produced 
seizures in monkeys.  Dr. Harry Waisman studied the effects of 
aspartame on primates.  Seven infant monkeys were fed the chemical in 
milk.  One died after 300 days, 5 others had Grand Mal seizures.  Searle 
deleted these findings when they submitted his study to the FDA.

The April, 1995 FDA report of complaints listed almost 500 seizures and 
most people don't even notify the FDA because they are unaware of the 
association of aspartame and seizures.  This is why MISSION POSSIBLE on 
our warning flyer lists symptoms and diseases that are triggered.  Now 
they are realizing the culprit, getting off aspartame and the seizures 
and many neurological problems are disappearing.

Think about it, gentlemen:  "Three worldwide organizations set up to do 
nothing but warn the public and take complaints are in existence because 
of NutraSweet."  Could you at least admit - where there is smoke there is 
fire.  Case histories are coming in by the thousands.

Dr. Roberts wrote a letter to Newt Gingrich on June 2 that said:

"I am writing you to request a new Congressional hearing in the near 
future concerning the documented harm being inflicted on many Americans, 
probably in the millions, from the use of products containing aspartame 

He also says: "I also am concerned about two other suspect 
aspartame-related problems on which I have published in detail -- namely 
the acceleration of Alzheimer's disease, and the initiation of brain 
cancer.  The latter was demonstrated in several animal studies long 
before the arbitrary approval of aspartame for human use.  My just 
published book, Defense Against Alzheimer's Disease, reviews considerable 
evidence for this Alzheimer connection."

He ends by saying:  "Let me reiterate my twofold request.  First, 
Congress must review this threat at a new open hearing.  Second, it 
should declare aspartame products to be an "imminent public health 
hazard" and withdraw them from the market if it concurs with my views."

So gentlemen, this is serious.  I've been in Internet about a month and 
people seeing some of my postings have eliminated all aspartame consuming 
products and are finding that their neurological problems are disappearing.
I have 247 messages that have been emailed to me.  Sorry I neglected this 
group and didn't know somebody was requesting references.  There are 
pages and pages of references in this new book on Alzheimers!

I can't say strongly enough that this is a chemical poison.  The methanol 
in it is converting to formaldehyde in the retina and people are going blind.
We have case history after case history after case history.  When we warn 
them in time their vision is returning.  People who are diagnosed with 
multiple sclerosis are seeing it reversed because in reality it is 
methanol toxicity.  

We are starting to put case histories, our flyer, Dr. Roberts papers, 
other physicians who have written on the subject, etc. on an 
auto-responder and web server.  It will take about two weeks to get all 
the scientific reports on there but there are some case histories now and 
some information.  Anyone who sincerely wants to know can email me for 
instructions on accessing information from the auto-responder.

Dr. Roberts paper on brain tumors has gone to peer review.  It will be 
added as well.  Brain tumors were produced by aspartame in lab animals 
and this is why a Board of Inquiry told the FDA not to approve it - this 
and the seizures.  Dr. Arthur Hull Hayes, head of the FDA over-ruled the 
Board of Inquiry and approved this substance that was discovered by a Searle
chemist, James Schlatter, while testing a peptic ulcer drug.  The used a 
magic wand and turned it into a sweetner, and then it no longer required 
safety monitoring.

According to the Food Chemical News , June 12, 1995, the FDA says they 
will no longer compile complaints on NutraSweet!

FDA Commissioner David Kessler reported in the June 2, 1993 JAMA, that, 
"only about 1% of serious events are reported to the FDA."  If aspartame 
were a drug instead of a food additive, the FDA would have removed it 
from the marketplace.  Since 1988 thirteen aviation magazines have warned 
pilots of aspartame's side effects.  The FAA refuses to warn pilots of 
aspartame's side effects because the FDA continues to support its safety.

MISSION POSSIBLES flys packets around the world to Air Traffic Control to 
warn pilots and keep the planes in the skies.

most characteristic signs and symptoms of methyl alcohol poisoning in 
humans are the various visual disturbances which can occur without 
acidosis although they unfortunately do not always appear.  Some of these 
symptoms are the following:  misty vision, progressive contraction of 
visual fields (VISION TUNNELING) , mist before the eyes, blurring of 
vision and obscuration of vision."

In December an American Airliner fell out of the sky.  It was reported in 
the Atlanta Journal on April 14, 1995 as being caused by pilot error -

Until we have everything on auto-responder and web service anyone can get 
reports (WITH REFERENCES) MISSION POSSIBLE, P. O. Box 28098, Atlanta, 
Georgia 30358 without charge.  We just ask that you send us a 
self-addressed envelope, with several stamps, to defray the cost of mailing.
We are volunteers, working free, because this toxin is poisoning the 
American people.  The Aspartame Consumer Safety Network says that 3 out 
of 5 consuming NutraSweet already have the symptoms or some disease.  Their
database contains thousands of case histories.

On February 27 and February 28, 1995 an NBC affiliate, Channel 4, out of 
Miami exposed the entire FDA approval process and warned the public of 
the hazardous affects.  It was titled SWEET SICKNESS.  

As Dr. James Bowen told the FDA:  "In my opinion, this has resulted in 
the mass poisoning of the American public as well as seventy-plus 
countries in the rest of the world."  He ended by saying: "I write this, 
not believing that it will do the slightest bit of good in the sense of 
affecting the labeling issue per se, but that instead, it might reach 
some honest, concerned, conscientious individuals in the process."

Safety hearings were held when NutraSweet was in 600 products - now its 
in 5000 and climbing and the patent has expired.  Monsanto bought Searle in

As we making a difference?  I believe Coke has seen the handwriting on 
the wall.  They have withdrawn NutraSweet in Diet Coke in Toronto, Canada 
and are testing a new sweetner.  They should be using Stevia, however, 
because its a food and not an additive and helps in the metabolism of 
sugar in diabetics.  The American Diabetic Assn funded by Monsanto 
continues to endorse this poison with methyl alcohol (deadly to 
diabetics) to diabetics!

We are here with information for those who sincerely want it.  We are 
looking for the same people Dr. Bowen was - the honest, concerned, 
conscientious individuals - who want to save their life and the lives of 
those they love.  

Betty Martini 
Domain:  betty at pd.org UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty


> On 5 Jul 1995 jcoleman at msvax.mssm.edu wrote:
> > Does  anyone but me wish this woman would put some references behind 
> some of
>  her claims....? According to you Betty, the cause of both ALzheimer's and
>  Parkison's disease has been found to be Nutrasweet.....or at least they make
>  it much worse. WHERE are the medical journal articles to prove this?
>  Antedotal evidence frommone or two people is hardly evidence or proof and
>  certainly is NOT science.> Quote one man or doctor with unknown credentials
>  is very dubious...
> >
> > jen
> >
> >
> I second that motion,  It was my understaning that this newsgroup was 
> designed to cater to the concerns of real researchers.  I expected 
> statements to be backed by references to  supporting literature.  The 
> notion that aspartame is the largest coverup in U.S. history, or is a 
> cause of various neurological diseases  are bold 
> statements which, to be beleived, would require substantial supporting 
> evidence. Betty does not provide this and thus does not in any way 
> validate her stements.  In my opinion this newsgroup is 
> not the place for Betty and her fear mongering, non scientifically 
> motivated tactics; nor is it the place discusions for debating issues 
> such as evolution vs. creationalism which while being an interesting topic of 
> discusion has nothing to do with research in the field of neuroscience.    
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