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Betty Martini (fwd)

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Fri Jul 14 21:43:34 EST 1995

Dear Robert:  I enjoyed your post.  When I talk about Senator Metzenbaum 
finally supporting  Sam Skinner for Secretary of Transportation, it didn't 
have anything to do with the FAA not assisting in warning pilots.  I 
meant that when Sam Skinner became Secretary of Transportation he was 
over the FAA.  Here is a man who was asked to do a grand jury 
investigation to indite Searle for fradulent tests, and instead he goes 
to work for Searle's siamese twin, Sidley & Austin, their law firm 
defending the case.  So his loyalty is to Searle; he's not going to aid 
in alerting pilots their product will cause seizures!  

When a district attorney goes to work for those who allegedly committed 
the crime isn't it like the district attorney going to work for the 

There is no doubt that NutraSweet causes seizures.  It produced grand mal 
seizures in lab animals as it does in the public.  Researchers at Mass 
Institute of Technology surveyed 80 people who suffered brain seizures 
after eating or drinking products with Aspartame.  Said the Community 
Nutrition Institute: "These 80 cases meets the FDA's own definition of an 
imminent hazard to the public health, which requires the FDA to 
expeditiously remove a product from the market."

I'm going to forward to you our instructions to get information on 
NutraSweet from the auto-responder.  One of the case histories is on 
Gweene Allen who had seizures for 8 years until she read Dr. H. J. 
Roberts' book ASPARTAME (NUTRASWEET) IS IT SAFE?  She stopped aspartame 
and within a month her seizures stopped, her vision improved and the rest 
of the symptoms she had suffered for 8 years completely disappeared.  She 
is one of the fortunate ones.  We faxed this case history to an NBC 
affiliate, Channel 4, in Miami and they used her to film an expose on 
NutraSweet on February 27 and February 28.  In fact, they used her story 
like a commercial or teaser all weekend long and it jammed their lines 
with people who realized their problems too were from NutraSweet.  They 
referred these calls to the Aspartame Consumer Safety Network and the 
answering service couldn't hardly take the calls - said at least 5 or 6 
people were holding at any given time.  

The called the expose SWEET SICKNESS.  They even mentioned that people 
using aspartame because of the phenylalaine in warm climates were more 
prone to deadly melanomas.  Did an incredible job and completely exposed 
the entire FDA approval process.  

I was given a Diet Coke by accident and almost lost control of the car as 
my body trembled.  In Dr. Roberts new book DAAD; DEFENSE AGAINST 
ALZHEIMERS DISEASE, he explains how these single amino acids without the 
other amino acids in protein can pass the blood brain barrier and 
deteriorate the neurons of the brain - which is the cause of Alzheimers. 
There are other neurotoxic substances that also trigger Alzheimers, a 
20th century disease, now the 4th leading cause of death in adults in 
this country, but NutraSweet has accelerated the disease according to Dr. 
Roberts.  Even the baby-boomers are getting it.  4 million in this 
country have it and 250,000 each year get it, with 100,000 dying; 50% of 
those in nursing homes according to Dr. Roberts have Alzheimers.  

We've got to get this substance off the market.  I've been on Internet 
about 4 weeks and we keep telling people to take the "no aspartame test" 
and see if their medical problems aren't caused by daily dosing of a 
chemical poison.  You would be surprised how many people have posted back 
with me to private email that their symptoms are disappearing, their 
headaches are gone, their vertigo is gone and even their vision is improving.
(The methanol converts to formaldehyde in the retina).  

I don't kow what state you're in but Dr. Roberts is giving a seminar here 
at the Doubletree Hotel on July 29 and he will go into the connection 
between Alzheimers and NutraSweet.  I know that when some people die from 
NutraSweet they are like an Alzheimer patient without memory.  That's how 
Joyce Wilson was when she died.  Her husband, Richard, wrote: "Aspartame 
killed my wife.  No words can express the agony and horror sweet Joyce 
endured.  This poison destroyed her brain, ravaged all her organs and 
blinded her.  She died at age 46 in l991." .........

Joyce testified before Congress and did everything she could to warn 
others, but finally she could no longer remember anybody and then she died.
As to sending the protest of the National Soft Drink Association to our 
representatives, or that part of the congressional record - what 
difference would it make?  They heard it!  They heard Joyce Wilson.  They 
heard Dr. Roberts.  They heard Dr. Elsas say it caused mental 
retardation. And they heard the late Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist say:
(talking about NutraSweet violating the Delaney Amendment because it 
causes cancer)

"Is it not clear beyond any shadow of a doubt that aspartame had caused 
brain tumors or brain cancer in animals, and is this not sufficient to 
satisfy the provisions of that particular section of the law?  Given that 
this is so (and I cannot see any kind of tenable argument opposing 
theview that aspartame causes cancer) how would the FDA justify its 
position that it views certain amount of aspartame as constituting an ADI 
(Allowable Daily Intake) or 'safe' level of it?  Is that position in 
effect not equivalent to setting a 'tolerance' for this food additive and 
thus a violation of that law?  And if the FDA itself elects to violate 
the law who is left to protect the health of the public?"

When I hear the hospitals talk about all these youngster with brain 
tumors I could weep.  The FDA says they are going to no longer even 
compile complaints.  The FDA is the last person that is going to help.  
They converted this substance that was discovered by a Searle chemist 
while testing an ulcer drug , into a food additive (must have had a magic 
wand).  This means they don't have to monitor it for safety, and since it 
was the FDA who over-ruled the Board of Inquiry who said not to approve 
it, they are not going to admit they were wrong.

This is why people all over the world are distributing our warning 
flyer.  Three worldwide organizations are warning the world - MISSION 
As case histories pour in the FDA looks the other way and tells people 
this is a safe substance.  Thats why I said FDA means Fatal Drugs Allowed!

Betty Martini
Domain:  betty at pd.org
UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty

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