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    Greetings and pardon the intrusion,

    Below is a post that recently appeared in                          
    This is a newsgroup largley devoted to the discussion
    of the ideas of one G.I.Gurdjieff -who was primarily
    concerned with the field of human consciousness and
    it's possible evolution.

    I would like to be able to post a response to refute
    this absurd claim and would eagerly welcome any
    feedback regarding the mechanisms that he postulates
    -such as does a meterorite actually have an electic
    charge -if so what is it's magnitude, -does the atmosphere
    actually "recoil" during meteor showers, could nerve "plexuses'    
    actually respond in the manner described -etc.
    Any info will be much appreciated.
    Please email responses to jamu at ix.netcom.com

    Thank you,

`   Carlos Dwa

>---------COPYRIGHT G.W.Goodwin 1995. All Rights Reserved.---------
>	It is likely that meteors are the fragments of destroyed comets
>asteroids. When these larger orbital bodies break up, their orbits are
>source of regular annual meteor showers. These showers are named for
>canstellation that occupies the part of the sky from which they
radiate. In 
>January there is the Quadrantids meteor shower, in April the Lyrids,
in May 
>the Aquarids, in July and August the Perseids and the list continues.
>of these meteor showers has its own "flavor" due to the fact that at
>peak these showers vary in meteors per hour entering the earth's
>and the speed with which they enter. It must be kept in mind that
>of tons of meteor material enters the atmosphere annually, and that as
>happens the atmosphere of the earth actually "recoils" from the
>Meteors are a major, though mostly unnoticed, influence on the planet.
>	The effect that meteor showers have on the human machine is as 
>follows: the human machine has stretched just under the surface of its
>and located at various places large networks of nerve plexus, these
>plexus are receiving devices, antenna if you will, for the reception
>electromagnetic radiations. When the stream of a meteor shower enters
>upper atmosphere it produces an electromagnetic signal which is
received by 
>the human nerve plexus, the solar plexus and so on, and these 
>electromagnetic signals are relayed by these nerve plexus to the
>endocrine glands. In the case of meteor showers the electromagnetic
>stimulate primarily the adrenal glands and the thyroid, as these
glands are 
>stimulated they release chemicals into the blood which goes to the
brain and 
>produces certain kinds of thoughts, feelings and sensations--these
>feelings and sensations produced by the stimulation of the adrenals
and the 
>thyroid are typically negative, violent and extreme.
>	During the peak days of a meteor shower one can watch the news 
>stations for reports of irrational out bursts of random violence that
go a 
>bit beyond the everyday insanity. Random shooting of large numbers of
>for instance, workers going on shooting sprees in the work place and
so on. 
>Plane crashes and bombings are often the work of meteor showers. The
>for accidents are increased by meteor showers. During the peak day of
>shower one will hear the frequent call of distant police, fire and
>sirens. In the individual there will be a heightened sense of urgent 
>discontentment--the face may break out during meteor showers, one will

>experience insomnia, stress, the muscles will tense and the head will
>Husbands and wives will fight with a particular intensity followed by
>sex. Meteor showers are one of the opportunities that madmen take to
go mad. 
>Meteor showers are but one source of the many psychological plagues
>have as their origin a planetary influence.
>Annual meteor showers:
>JAN 1-6--Quadrantids, peak JAN 4
>APR 19-24--Lyrids, peak APR 22
>MAY 1-8--Aquarids, peak MAY 5
>JUN 17-26--Ophiuchids, peak JUN 20
>JUL 15-AUG 15--Delta Aquarids, peak JUL 29
>JUL 15-AUG 20--Pices Australids, peak JUL 31
>JUL 15-AUG 25--Capricornids, peak AUG 2
>JUL 25-AUG 18--Perseids, peak AUG 12
>OCT 6-10--Draconids, peak OCT 8
>OCT 16-26--Orionids, peak OCT 22
>OCT 20-NOV 30--Taurids, peak NOV 3
>NOV 15-19--Leonids, peak NOV 17
>DEC 7-15--Geminids, peak DEC 13
>DEC 17-24--Ursids, peak DEC 22

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