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Dairy hormone/NutraSweet

Betty Martini betty at noel.pd.org
Sun Jul 16 20:42:58 EST 1995

Dear Doctor Young:  Thank you for replying.  It always pleases me when 
somebody wants to investigate further and, indeed, is looking for the 
truth of the matter.  Intelligent people are open-minded.  Indeed, a lot 
of people have been denied the truth in this matter including physicians.
I attended the Conference of the American College of Physicians here in 
Atlanta with Dr. H. J. Roberts, the world expert on the subject of 
aspartame, and author of books on the subject:  "ASPARTAME (NUTRASWEET) 
IS IT SAFE? (Charles Press, Philadelphia) and SWEET'NER DEAREST (1 800 
-814-9800)  These books are written for the lay person to understand the 
danger of this product, the symptoms it elicits and the diseases it triggers.

At the Conference endocrinologists had no idea there was methyl alcohol 
in aspartame and were shocked that this was recommended by the American 
Diabetic Assn (because of Monsanto funding).  Many of the doctors asked 
for documentation which we had with us.  I have a letter from the 
endocrinologist who was the professor saying consumers should be warned.

In Neurology lectures the professors were nonplussed to understand the 
causation of so many seizures.  Yet the case histories obviously 
indicated phenylalanine, a component of aspartame that reduces the brain 
seizure threshold.  One neurologist reading the warning flyer we 
distribute worldwide said:  "If we had known this we would have 
understood these neurological problems were coming from NutraSweet."

You can contact DR. Roberts by writing:  H. J. Roberts, M.D., F.A.C.P.,
F.C.C.P. 300 27th Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33407.  His number is 
listed with information.

Also, you can call for verification of the problems the ASPARTAME 
Nash Stoddard, a NutraSweet survivor herself.  She will tell you of the 
thousands of case histories that pour in, and the 92 documented symptoms 
this chemical poison is eliciting.  Also, over 600 pilots have called the 
hotline, many of them complaining of having grand mal seizures in the 
cockpits of commercial airliners. 

Further, she can also refer you to other physicians in the field who have 
studied aspartame, that were not funded by Searle/NutraSweet Co. (owned 
by Monsanto).

Barbara Alexander Mullarkey, P. O. Box 946, Oak Park, Illinois 60303 is 
the journalist who has been writing on aspartame since it was approved 
and has everyone of the scientific studies.  Last year she wrote  a 12 
page expose in INFORMED CONSENT.  She has written BITTERSWEET ASPARTAME; 

I'm going to email you the instructions for the auto-responder where we 
have the warning flyer on NutraSweet and it will contain the telephone 
numbers.  You can also access Dr. Roberts position paper on aspartame and 
diabetes (he is a diabetic specialist - Director of the Palm Beach 
Institute for Medical Research since 1964, and a member of many 
prestigious medical and scientific organizations - including the 
Endocrine Society and the American Academy of Neurology.)

You can also access a literature review that was done to answer someone 
who thought the tests had proven safety.  Actually, U. S. Attorney Sam 
Skinner was asked to do a grand jury investigation of Searle's tests and 
instead went to work for Sidley and Austin, Searle's law firm that was 
defending the case. In the Bressler study, for instance, when some of the 
rats died they were resurrected back on paper.  There is an article you 
can access about this and I think I have some more information I can forward.

Dr. Roberts has just written a new book called DAAD; DEFENSE AGAINST 
ALZHEIMERS DISEASE, and has done research for 30 years.  His diabetic 
patients played a part in his research he didn't expect.  When NutraSweet 
was approved they began to present with confusion and memory loss.  Since 
you are a chemist you can understand how single amino acids like aspartic 
acid and phenylalaine, without the other amino acids can cross the blood 
brain barrier and deteriorate neurons of the brain.  Dr. Russell 
Blaylock, neurosurgeon, in his book EXCITOTOXINS; THE TASTE THAT KILLS 
says the ingredients in NutraSweet literally stimulate the neurons of the 
brain to death.  This book is available from Health Press 1 800 - 643-2665.
It's quite technical and being a chemist you would understand 

This product was discovered by a Searle chemist testing a peptic ulcer drug.
The FDA turned it into a food additive which would require no safety 
monitoring.  There was "great" opposition to it ever been approved 
because in lab animals it produced grand mal seizures and brain tumors, 
for starters!  Dr. Roberts article DOES ASPARTAME CAUSE HUMAN BRAIN CANCER
(Journal of Advancement in Medicine, Volume 4, Number 4, Winter 1991) has 
been to peer review.  I'm more than happy to send it to you if you will 
send me a large self address envelope with priority postage to MISSION 
POSSIBLE, P. O. BOX 28098, Atlanta, Georgia 30358.

A board of inquiry was convened by the FDA over this issue and then Dr. 
Arthur Hull Hayes, head of the FDA, over-ruled his own board of inquiry 
who said nt to put it on the market - and then went to work for Searle's 
Public Relations firm!  He refused to talk to the press for 10 years!

Then came the problems of this monster drug.  There were horrible 
neurological problems, seizures, vertigo, etc.  People were being 
diagnosed with multiple sclerosis but in reality it was methanol 
toxicity. So far every case I've seen has been reversed!  At least that's 
the good news.  However, there was no one to warn the people so people 
didn't know it, kept using the product and perished.  One of those people 
was Joyce Wilson.  She testified before Congress before she died a 
horrible death.

Her husband wrote in a local Atlanta paper last April this story:

"Aspartame killed my wife.  No words can express the agony an horror sweet 
Joyce endured.  This poison destroyed her brain, ravaged all her organs 
and blinded her.  She died at age 46 in 1991.

When we filed suit we were harassed and threatened.  Our gung-go 
attorneys with a medically documented case suddenly seemed scared away.  
The case had to be dropped.  Joyce deteriorated so quickly she would not 
have been able to participate in the legal proceedings anyway.

Don't listen to the paid Judas-goats and TV celebrities who say its 
safe.  Save your life and those you love.  And avoid the grief I 
endured.  The makers of this poison considered her death an acceptable 
cost of business..  I'm a man without a wife because the NutraSweet 
Company is a business without a conscience.  April is Anti-Aspartame 
month.  Take dead serious the warnings you will hear.  The life you save 
may be your own.  Richard Wilson."

When there were safety hearings in Washington aspartame was only in about 
600 products, today its in 5000 and climbing and the patent has expired.
The FDA report on complaints of April, 1995 showed 10,000 complaints from 
blindness to death.  And the FDA admits only about 10% complain to the FDA.
How are they dealing with the problem.  They said in the Food Chemical 
News in June they would no longer compile reports.

In February an affiliate of NBC in Miami did a complete expose on 
NutraSweet called Sweet Sickness.  Gwenne Allen told her story about the 
8 years of petit mal seizures, headaches, lost of vision, disorientation, 
dizziness, insomnia (caused by the phenylalaine), dry eyes, etc.  All 
symptoms disappeared when she stopped NutraSweet after reading Dr. 
Roberts book.  She was one of the fortunate ones.  You can access her 
case report in the auto-responder.  She has an email address.  She, too, 
has now devoted her life to warning others.  

The late Dr. Adrian Gross, FDA toxicologist, told Congress that 
NutraSweet violated the Delaney Amendment because it was proven beyond a 
shadow of a doubt to cause cancer.  His last words will never be forgotten:
"If the FDA violates its own laws, who is left to protect the people." 
We have no protector, obviously.

The Congressional Record contains the protest of the National Soft Drink 
Assn. which said Searle used the wrong test when they had the right one 
available, used the wrong solution (tested in a buffered solution instead 
of beverage matrix), didn't test for breakdown products (a witches brew) 
and didn't test for temperature elevation.  By using the wrong test it 
wouldn't detect aspartic acid.  Yet the National Soft Drink Association 
turned right around the lobbied for NutraSweet!

Dr. Wurtman from MIT is quoted in the Congressional Record  (S 5511 - May 
7, 1985) "Aspartame has been demonstrated to inhibit the 
carbohydrate-induced synthesis of the neurotransmitter serotonin.  
Serotonin blunts the sensation of craving carbohydrates and this is part 
of the body's feedback system that helps limit consumption of 
carbohydrate to appropriate levels.  Its inhibition by aspartame could 
lead to the anomalous result of a diet product causing increased 
consumption of carbohydrates."

So NutraSweet is not even a diet product!  Dr. Wurtman after writing some 
brilliant papers (Dietary Phenylalanine and Brain Function - Proceedings 
of the First International Meeting on Dietary Phenylalanine and Brain 
Function, Washington, D. C., May 8 -10, 1987), turned right around and 
became a consultant for NutraSweet.

I'm sure the point is clear.  Those who fought so diligently against 
aspartame switched sides, and the public has had to pay the price in 
disability and death.

What's more the smokescreens by the FDA in their denial because of their 
approval are sickening.  If you call the FDA or NutraSweet they give you 
this fairy tale about oranges having more methanol than aspartame.  In 
fact, its in their brochure.  What they don't tell you is that in oranges 
there is ethanol which is the classic antidote for methanol .  Ethanol 
inhibits metabolism of methanol and allows the body time for clearance of 
the toxin through the lungs and kidneys.  (ASPARTAME; METHANOL AND THE 
PUBLIC HEALTH, by Dr. Woodrow Monte (Journal of Applied Nutrition, Volume 
36, Number 1, 1984)  

So when people find out about the methanol they get this song and dance 
from the FDA and they have no way of knowing the real truth unless they 
were medically oriented or understood chemistry.  They become the victims.

The methanol in aspartame converts to formaldehyde in the retina and 
people are losing their vision or going blind.  In fact, on October 16, 
1986 the Community Nutrition Institute petitioned the Food and Drug 
Administration to ban aspartame because of its link to blindness.  

Dr. Roberts is quoted in an article in the Chicago Sun Time, October 17, 
1986 as saying: "the visual reaction to methyl alcohol in heavy users of 
aspartame is the same as in drinkers of moonshine whiskey in Prohibition 
days: "They go blind."  Of 360 patients he has diagnosed as having 
aspartame-related problems, Roberts said about one fourth had decreased 
vision or blindness, nearly half had severe headaches and substantial 
numbers had epileptic seizures, confusion or memory loss, extreme 
depression and marked personality change."

This is exactly what we are finding in the general public.  But the 
public has not associated their problems with aspartame and neither have 
physicians because the American Diabetic Assn. and the American dietetic 
Assn are funded by Monsanto and recommend this chemical poison.  Dr. Blaylock
says that NutraSweet will actually trigger diabetes.  

On October 1, l994 MISSION POSSIBLE exposed the ADA at their walk-a-thon 
here in Atlanta, sponsored by NutraSweet, of course.  We gave out flyers 
and Dr. Roberts position paper and an article that appeared that day in a 
local paper on the hazards of diabetics using this product.  You have no 
idea how many diabetics called later to say they had gotten off aspartame 
and their blood sugar had come under control and their vision had cleared 
up, etc.  We dedicated the day to Joyce Wilson.  Her son had married the 
month before and on her empty chair was one single long stem rose.  We 
gave out press packs covered in black lace for mourning and garnished 
with a single, long stem rose.

The story was written up in a local paper.  Dr. Moser, NutraSweet's 
consultant, whose job it is to defend NutraSweet when they get exposed 
wrote in that it was only psychological that the symptoms disappeared.  
Neat reasoning, get off poison, get well and your brain did it.  
Actually, a burglar could think of a better alibi!

And that is what is happening everywhere.  MISSION POSSIBLE, a volunteer 
force in 50 states, is distributing warning flyers worldwide that contain 
the symptoms and the diseases triggered by aspartame.  Now the people 
realize what their problem is and they are getting off the substance, and 
getting well - at least those we get to in time.  NutraSweet is also 
triggering an epidemic of system lupus and its not reversible but the 
symptoms at least disappear usually when they abstain from aspartame.

Since you are a chemist I'll be happy to send you the Bada reports 
written by Dr. Jeffrey Bada, a chemist.  Speaking only about aspartic 
acid and phenylalaine he says they cannot be heated with a neutral food 
because they convert to the hazardous D amino acids.  And what woman has 
a chemistry lab in her kitchen to know what a neutral food is.  Water is 
neutral and cooking changes the chemical composition!  Methanol, of 
course, converts to formaldehyde and formic acid (ant sting poison)!

The FDA in their brochure admits you should not heat aspartame because it 
breaks down and "loses its sweetness"!  Another smokescreen, they forget 
to tell you what it breaks down into - the methanol into formaldehyde and 
formic acid and the phenylalaine breaks down into DKP, a brain tumor agent.

Are you ready for this!?  Perhaps the FDA forgot they said that because 
now they have approved aspartame in baked goods!  Cakes and pies in your 
local grocer's bakery can now contain aspartame and do!

One soldier in the Persian Gulf told me diet pop sat out in the Arabian 
sun in 120 degrees, for as long as 8 weeks.  You know it had to be 150 
degrees in the can.  They said they drank them all day.  Is it any wonder 
that the symptoms of Desert Storm Syndrome are identical to aspartame 
disease - chronic fatigue syndrome (the methanol breaks down the immune 
system), vision loss, joint pain, memory loss, confusion, depression (the 
phenylalaine in aspartame depletes serotonin and is producing a crop of 
manic depressives), etc.  And about those birth defects - Dr. Roberts is 
just finishing up a new paper he is writing on aspartame and birth 
defects, etc.  He has also written on on learning disabilities related to 
aspartame.  Someone called me from the National Academy of Child 
Development and the % of learning disabilities is astronomical.

Talking about memory loss - I might add that when Joyce Wilson died she 
was just like an Alzheimer patient - no memory, but she died from 
NutraSweet and it was a medically documented case.  

On June 2 I visited Newt Gingrich to discuss this mater and brought him a 
letter from Dr. Roberts who said:  "I am writing you to request a new 
Congressional hearing in the near future concerning the documented harm 
being inflicted on many Americans, probably in the millions, from the use 
of products containing aspartame (NutraSweet).  .... I also am concerned 
about two other suspect aspartame-related problems on which I have 
published in detail -- namely, the acceleration of Alzheimer's disease, 
and the initiation of brain cancer.  The latter was demonstrated in 
several animal studies long before the arbitrary approval of aspartame 
for human use.  My just-published book, DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMERS 
DISEASE, reviews considerable evidence for this Alzheimer connection. 

He ends by saying:  "Let me reiterate my twofold request.  First congress 
must review this threat at a new open hearing.  Second, it should declare 
aspartame products to be an "imminent public health hazard" and withdraw 
them from the market if it concurs with my views."

Since I've been on the Internet about a month I have told people they can 
be convinced by taking the "no aspartame test".  If they will stay off of 
it for a month they can determine whether their medical problems are 
caused by daily dosing of a chemical poison.  

I keep receiving postings back from people saying their symptoms are 
disappearing since they have removed aspartame.  Several have already 
gotten well.  We collect case histories to help warn others, and to the 
three volunteer organizations warning the world, they come in by the 
thousands.  There will be no problem convincing Congress - but it was no 
problem the last time - and they did nothing.  How many more have to die?
At least now we are getting to thousands and thousands of people.  As 
they get off aspartame and their symptoms subside they, too, make copies 
of the flyers and continue to warn others.  

If the FDA had not approved this poison, and they had the evidence it was 
a poison, there would not have had to been a MISSION POSSIBLE.  But we 
continue to pass the torch of knowledge around the world, and we have the 
documents and evidence that support everything we say.  If somebody will 
just donate a black hole in space we will get it off the planet.  

Unfortunately, Dr. Young, those their to solve the problem ARE THE 
PROBLEM.  You asked about my credentials.  I'm not a physician but I'm 
medically oriented having spent 22 years of my life in various aspects of 
medicine.  I simply echo the words of the experts as do this virtual army 
of volunteers holding hands around th world to warn others.  All 
information is available on request.

When news groups came up on the board I assume you wanted the information 
posted, and I thank you for giving this opportunity to explain.

You mentioned the article I posted with regard to the bovine growth 
hormone. However, you didn't ask any questions so I would refer to the 
expert in the field, Robert Cohen at 201 599-0325.  He has graciously 
offered to speak to anyone who wishes the truth.  While he has done 
laboratory research in the past he is employed by no lab, is not biased 
and like us has no motive except to warn others about a dangerous product.

Again, thank you for replying and I will email you instructions and 
anyone else who wants information on aspartame.  All reports I have 
mentioned I will be glad to mail on request.

Betty Martini
Domain:  betty at pd.org
UUCP:  ...!emory!pd.org!betty

On Sun, 16 Jul 1995, DR. JANIS YOUNG wrote:

> Dear Betty, Please send me your credentials.  Or refer me to someplace
> easily a available to me.  Your treatment of Aspartame is extremely
> disturbing and as a peptide chemist, I am very interested to determine if
> this is indeed true.  Sincerely, Jan Young
> In
> article <Pine.SUN.3.91.950715204816.14849C-100000 at noel.pd.org> you wrote:
> : For those interested in the bovine growth hormone controversey and 
> : whether dairy is safe in the U.S. please refer to the science medicine 
> : nutrition newsgroup.  There is an update, lengthy, under Urgent.
> : Betty Martini
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