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!!!!!!!EASY, HONEST, CASH!!!!

Padrino padrino at www.teqcorp.com.mx
Thu Dec 26 20:01:08 EST 1996

Would you like to make thousands of dollars quickly and legally (yes,
it is FULLY legal as it involves nothing other than legitimate
transactions right the way through)?
	This is not a scam. Trust me....I am VERY skeptical of so-called "get
rich quick" schemes. Being a commerce student, I have examined
multitudes of such cases in class and have seen them all fall apart
under scrutiny....this is not the case here. Since this is my second go
at it, I can tell you in full honesty that it has ALREADY worked for me,
to a GREAT extent. I expected a few hundred dollars AT MOST.....and I
was subsequently overwhelmed by the money I ended up receiving.
	Anyway, down to business, as I expect you would like to know how this
works...well, here goes:
-INITIAL (AND TOTAL) INVESTMENT=$5 + 5 postage stamps
-Here are the five steps:

1.There are five names/addresses at the bottom of this page. In an
envelope, wrap a dollar bill (CANADIANS: DONT MAIL LOONIES!!!!.....TAKE
DONT WORK!!!!!) up in a piece of paper with "please add me to your
mailing list" written on it (this is the crucial link that makes this
legal. The transaction is not the random sending of a dollar, it is the
paying of one dollar in order to receive the service of being added to
the mailing list). Send five of these little packages to the five people
whose addresses are listed at the end of this message. 
2. Step 2 is to write up a message just like this one, detailing the
opportunity offered complete with the list of names, altered as follows: 
bump the #1 name off and move each name up one rank (#5-#4, #4-#3 and so
on...), adding your name and address at number five.
3. Post your message to at least 200 newsgroups
4. Wait for money to start arriving in the mail.


The system revolves around the honesty of its users. Don't scrimp on a
$5 investment that will repay itself thousandfold. I tried this my first
time using the system, I made $150. I was hones second time, and I made
far, far, more. 
Here is the math: post to 200 newsgroups, and conservatively expect a
2.5% reply rate, that is, 5 people following your instructions. When
your name is at #5, these five people will dirctly pay you $5, and your
name will move up to #4. At #4, a total of 1000 postings contain your
name at #4 (200 times 5 people), this means 50 people sending you a
dollar, moving your name up to #3. At #3, your 50 new agents post your
name (10 000 posts), and you receive 500 returns...$500 dollars. At #2,
there are 100000 posts.....$5000 dollars.....at #1, there are ($5000 x
200) 1000000 posts.......$50 000 dollars. There it is,
mathematically....Now, you may not quite make $50000 dollars, but as you
can see......tens of thousands of dollars are VERY easily attainable;
having done it once, I can attest to that.

This method is honest and legal, just very intuitive.

here are the names........good luck, start thinking of things to buy!

1. R. van Duinen
   45 Brentcliffe Rd.
   Toronto, Ontario 
   M4G 3Y4

2. Darren Leung
   788 Foxcroft Blvd.
   Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
   L3X 1M8

3. Chris Mayhew
   7970 Granite Square Station
   Durham, NH 03824

4. Michael McKenna
   Apt. #201
   3510 Ave. Lionel-Groulx
   Montreal, Canada, H4C 1M7

5. CDiaz
   SUITE 42-217
   SAN DIEGO CA. 92173

Remember, play fair, no loonies and ye shall reap profit

I am sorry if I seem to have posted this in a newsgroup where it does
not seem relevant, but I feel that it is of general interest. If I am
wrong, firstly, my apologies, and secondly, you wont hear from me again


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