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Best schools

Neal Prakash eamg061 at taurus.oac.uci.edu
Sat Feb 3 22:27:02 EST 1996

Hi Jeremy,

I'm not sure what makes Stephan an expert at what goes on at other 
schools, but his summary of UCI is WAY OUT OF LINE! Since I don't go to 
the other schools I don't feel qualified to comment about them, since I 
am an MD/PhD student at UCI I will comment about UCI.

The Psychology department at UCI has a cog sci subdivision that accepts 
graduate students (I don't know how many per year).  UCI also has an 
excellent neuroscience division (which has been ranked in the top ten by 
one of the magazines...i forget which one, but this is not really 
important since your decision to go to a graduate school should be partly 
based on finding the right advisor, not just the overall department).  

There is the department of psychobiology which focuses on memory, 
learning, and behavior, with a few researchers in biochemistry.

The department of anatomy and neurobiology focuses on neuroanatomy and 
neural regeneration.

The pharmacology department focuses on neuropharmacology and drug 

Finally, there is the neurology (medical students only) and radiology 
departments (med and graduate students) which work with PET and (f)MRI.

> > How are the other California schools - Stanford, Berkeley, UCDavis, UCSF,
> > etc...
> > Are these more oriented toward traditional neurobiology or do they also
> > cater towards behavioral/cognitive neuroscience?
> > -- 
> > Jeremy Leipzig
> Lots of other schools in CA have lots of cognitive neuroscience stuff going on.
> Unfortunately, as is the case in many places, many of the cognitive
> Neuroscientists are MDs in the medical schools and don't take many (or
> any) graduate students. Many are also only available thru Neuroscience
> IDP programs, which are at times obscure, poorly funded, and many are
> being cut-back; in any case, lots of other CA schools have this kind of
> stuff going on, e.g:
> UCLA (Psych Dept; Beh or Cog Neurosci programs; or Neuroscience IDP program)
>       Lots of people at the Neuropsychiatric Institute (most dont take grads)
> UCSD lots of people, etc. as mentioned before
> UCI  people in the medical school doing MRI etc

> USC some people in Psycch dept; lots of people in the medical school
> Stanford mostly people in the medical school
> UC Davis - Neuroscience IDP program; headed by Gazzaniga, but not for
>             long, since he is leaving again
> UC Berkeley - Not sure : anyone know?

When I graduated in 1992 from UC, they had just started a cog sci 
department. That's all I know--it probably is growing.

> UCSF - people in the medical school
> Cheers
> Stephan

-Neal Prakash 


"Blessed are those who can laugh at themselves, for they shall never 
cease to be amused." -author unknown

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