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All physicists aren't alike! (Formerly: Query on Dendritic Networks)

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Sat Feb 3 19:28:08 EST 1996

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>Subject: Re: All physicists aren't alike!  (Formerly: Query on Dendritic Networks) 
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>Today <BC at buphyc.bu.edu> wrote:
>>      Get real. The folks who do nothing but slice and dice have hardly
>>answered all possible questions about the brain, consciousness, etc.
>>The world needs its mathematicians, its simulators, its brave
>>followers of new fads, such as complexity. Some of this stuff may 
>>have a payoff, some not, but the same can be said for any science
>>except the most pedestrian small-gain-run-another-sample science,
>>and who needs that ?
>Dear BC at buphyc.bu.edu ,
>         Yes, we need mathematicians but not in every role. To artificially
>produce subjective characterizations as industry needs, what we lack
>is (1) a cultural change to end minding them as "qualia" or second-
>rank physical facts; (2) not reducing them to structures (amenable to
>mathematical treatment) but investigating their factual production and
>its regularities as we do since almost a century without resources, while
>viewing their dilapidation in badly envisaged projects; (3) THEN asking
>mathematicians for refurbishing their science (perhaps with a new geo-
>metric theory of measure) to help us. Did you read UK Patent 1,582,301?
>                                             Best wishes,

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