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Halothane delivery in rats.

Thomas Chimento chimento at neuron.arc.nasa.gov
Tue Feb 6 18:45:41 EST 1996

In article <4eqn7h$csh at maroon.tc.umn.edu>, oakma001 at maroon.tc.umn.edu
(Scott A Oakman) wrote:

> >dazieg at wilmington.net wrote:
> >: Has anyone any experience with Halothane delivery in laboratory rats?
> >: Our goal is to chronically deliver the anesthetic while a stereotaxic 
> >: procedure is performed.  We do not wish to perform a tracheotomy to 
> >: intubate, we want a fast recovery from the procedure.
> >
> I've seen a couple of examples of creative "jury-rigging" that work 
> well--basically using a gas mask or gas chamber arrangement to put the 
> rat down so you can install him in the stereotax, then maintaining 
> aneasthesia via a Tygon or latex tube which terminates in the area
> around the rat's nose.  You can use parafilm or a large syringe or cut 
> plastic bottle to make a little gas mask.  We also do ours in a fume 
> hood, to minimize our exposure to the halothane.
> Good luck.

I use Isoflurane, but the problem is the same. I use a Kopf stereotaxic with
earbars and a nose/tooth bar. The nose/tooth bar is acutally for a guinea pig,
but it works better for me because I need the extra distance between the rats
nose and the stereotaxic frame to fit my 'jury-rigged' gas delivery mask.
I made it from a piece of 2" diameter clear acrylic pipe. The pipe was cut
into a
2" length and then cut in half perpendicular to the open ends. I attached pieces
of low density polyethylene onto each of the halves on one end and made cutouts
appropriate for it to fit tightly around the nose/tooth bar when the two halves
are 'put together'. I hinged the two halves and used velcro to hold the
pieces closed.
The rat's nose goes through a rubber or latex sheet that has a slit cut in
the center.
The sheet is held on the end of the pipe with rubber bands. Two 1/4" holes
are drilled
in the sides of the pipe near the center on the top half. A 1cc syringe
barrel fits 
snuggly through this hole. Just cut about 1 inch of the syringe barrel
near the end
with the finger stops. push the syringe from the inside of the pipe
through the holes.
Now you can attach 1/4" I.D. Tygon tubing from your gas machine to the
intake side
and another to the outlet side (you pick which is which). The outlet goes
to an activated
charcoal filter that absorbs the waste gas. 

If anyone would really like to use this setup and wants to see what it
looks like, let
me know and I'll put a few pictures on my Web Page.


Thomas Chimento                 chimento at neuron.arc.nasa.gov
                        Keep it simple, do it right.

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