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Music and Brain

Paulette L. Motzko motzko at ix.netcom.com
Fri Feb 9 10:24:56 EST 1996

Dear Michael,
I'm not a doctor and probably haven't don't the type of research you're
interested in, but I have supporting evidence which comes from "life
I have had catamenial epilepsy for 25 years and music has aided in
using visualization and imagery techniques which help me cope when I
have non-stop auras.  (On a not-so-hot-day I can have up to 50 auras
within a few hours!)
I've never been hooked up to diagnostic tests when listening to music
to watch the change in my brain wave patterns, but I'm sure it would be
Good luck on your research!  We need more people in the medical fields
doing research on things like that.  There is so much about the brain
we don't understand; the closer we become to it's many complexities,
the closer we'll find medical remedies for the countless disorders on
this earth.  Pills don't cure everything.
If I can help in any way-I'm here.
Paulette Motzko,
Director of the Epilepsy Foundation of Orange County

 In <4fel3s$i5g at ixnews3.ix.netcom.com> espt at ix.netcom.com(Meng-yu )
>I am currently involved in research for a dissertation which is
>on the use of Baroque music to help enhance learning.  I am looking
>any current research to support the use of this type of music to
>improve comprehension, memory, recall, mood, or  help create relaxed
>states.  I know that rhythme, melody, patterns etc., are processed in
>the right hempisphere (RH) of the brain, and verbal, reading, linear,
>sequencial etc. is processed by the left hempisphere (LH).With imput
>provided to both hemisphres the learner is afforded a better
>opportunity to retain the information desired. Therefore, if anyone
>knows of any current supporting research which addresses these
>as well as fitting within the neurological framework, ie., PET scans
>which show an increase of oxygen to the right hempisphere, EEG
>that are representitive of changes to the RH because of Baroque or
>classical music, etc. would be extremely appreciated.  My hope is that
>there may be some current research that someone may already be familar
>with and would share (references, abstracts etc.).  I can be reached
>ESPT at ix.netcom.com.  Thanks for your time and consideration. 

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