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Bernard D. Tremblay ab006 at ccn.cs.dal.ca
Sat Feb 10 16:08:21 EST 1996

	What a _stupid_ thing we've built ... in the end.

	Directing a communique to one of the foremost thinkers on the 
cognistive aspects of the WWW. dealing with the pedagogical aspects of 
CMC (see http://ccn.cs.dal.ca/~ab006/cmc_ped.html), I stumble across a 
simple lacuna ... and to whom can I turn?

	Stupid ... literally stupid ... I have access to practically 
every "who, where, how many, how" (I'll skip 'why') ... but given that the 
notion I had simply failed me, I'm at a loss ...

	Am I alone in finding _failure_ seminal?

	I wanted to describe the ''gulf/gap/rift'' seperating those who
are looking for information and those who provide it. Thinking of those
who surf the net and those who seek information, focussing on the latter,
it occured to me that there is a semi-permiable membrane (between the
providers [ICCHH! content creators? icch!] and the seekers [the interface
... <DOHH!> welcome to the hell-realm known as cognitve ergonomics])
usually referred to as .. damn! ... the whole blessed concept has escaped

	Point being: the net _does_ operate as a neural network; and it 
reflects the fallibility of it's biological creators.

	More bandwidth? Yes, of course ... which answers the 'work 
harder' aspect ... but 'work smarter'?  Heuristics, anyone?

BTW   I post here because neuroscience _is_ the cutting edge.

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