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brain evolution

Administrador del Nodo Postmaster at neubio.sld.ar
Tue Feb 13 11:39:04 EST 1996

Howard R. Olson <hrolson at nexus.chapman.edu> asked
in this list for info on "Brain evolution", and set 
in biophys at net.bio.net another petition for actuali-
zations on Eccles' conjecture on microsites (homing
psychogenesis).	On brain evolution, I personally
am on a (still unconfirmed) schedule to review
the Proterozoic stages of ionic concentration-
dispersion ciliary control, in St. Petersburg la-
te in next April.  As probably some netters know,
in our tradition we did a lot of work on the phy-
letic homology of the holographic- and holophonic-
like reverberancies (making interactive objects in
the neurocognitive parenchyma) with the ciliary con-
trol in the last common ancestor of all phyla of Ani-
malia and some of other kingdoms; a homology over king-
doms (Protozoa have both Animalia, Fungi, Chromista
and Plantae begotten) we revindicated formally in the
sixties and I shall now try to summarize in the men-
tioned Russian forthcoming gathering. Regarding the
other extreme of the wide range covered by Olson's
simultaneous inquiries, of course we find unacceptable
the Eccles's hypothesis and compare it with the homunculi
"observed" by preformationists in spermatozoa, that
responded to similar prefigurations.  Jakob's models,
though studying macro- and microcircuits, contrarily
stressed the macroscopic distribution of the psychoge-
nic brain processes.  We have here a lot of old papers
on these subjects, mostly in Spanish; I see no problem
in sharing a pre-text of my intended Russian summary
with Olson; and a longer paper actualizing our 1988
and 1994 monographs is to be available late in this
month; it deals with the available facts relevant to
the same function for which Sir John advanced his
microsites.  I should remark that most of these mate-
rials are literally foreign to the discussions in the
USA, and that we are hylozoist (though this feature
is irrelevant in the present context). Regarding the
remaining intermediate stages of brain evolution (cen-
tered of course on the evolution of the "higher" in-
tegrative functions), viz. fibrilarization, plexusi-
fication, ganglionarization, neuropilarization, cor-
ticalization and neocorticalization, surely other
participants in the mentioned forthcoming gathering
have reviewed them and so perhaps Olson should address
his request to the Congress' authorities.

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