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Interneural Radio Communication

Administrador del Nodo Postmaster at neubio.sld.ar
Wed Feb 21 10:03:36 EST 1996

      Richard Nacamuli <headwave at access.digex.net>,
(quoting Galileo as timidly saying "E per si muove" 
instead of roaring "Eppur: si muove!" for students'
sake!) says that he is trying to detect EM emissions
of the neural tissue as radio spectra, and aks for 
opinions on their feasibility.

     First I am concerned with the wording; present-
ed in this way the subject is delivered in hands of
pseudoscience, telepathists and paraphrenics. Obvious-
ly EM emissions exist; the real matter is if they do
convey biological notices or not. For thermal emissions
any good search shall yield many papers; for higher
frequencies, begin to search by T. Triffet and H.S. 
Green, J. theor. Biol. 131, 199-221 (1988) and papers
of Tourenne (prename: Christian, I believe). (See also
the physiological mechanisms of galvanotaxis in embryos.)
These are intraneural emissions, not "interneural", al-
beit we can detect them from outside. Their biological
improntation and employ is a most contentious matter!!
(However I would like to know a little more on Nacamuli's
academic frame to precise these data).

      This last concern arises from his mention of the
"long distances" over which he likes to explore the EM
cellular communication.  Yes, surely they are long; for
any voltage-gated channel are far long that the membrane
it spans; and, for "extremely long distances", any EEG-
taking is physically assimilable to turning on a radio
receptor (Mutatis mutandi, of course!).  For even longer
distances, squid coils in MEG might also been assimila-
ted. In both cases, certainly, we are not treating the
fields' variations as photons, but the use of radiative
depictions (by zeroing some vectors) could be done without

But even if EM emissions have, inside the neurocog-
nitive parenchymae, a biological use beyond central 
ephapses, I do not even know the tiniest serious eviden-
ce for interbrain "ephapsizing" (though by chance in my
work I am just now involved in a complex outcalculation
concerning the intercell trasmission of voltage pattern-
ings directly to ionic concentration-dispersion states
in the receptor cell, disregarding the channel function,
in our pre-Opalozoan Mesoproterozoic ancestry).

By the way: if any one in this net is making like calcula-
tions, or (apart) knows from more recent papers in the line
of the mentioned works of Triffet, Green and Tourenne, I
shall appreciate her/his contact.

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