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Night Terrors

nancy nlamb at ucla.edu
Tue Feb 20 23:51:28 EST 1996

Night terrors do not have anything to do with seizures (as long as you were
diagnosed correctly with n.terrors).  Night terrors are partial arousals
from non-REM sleep (as opposed to nightmares, which occur during REM
sleep). If a person cannot "get to the source" of their nightmares/terrors
(through addressing stessors and psychosocial life problems) then this is
commonly treated with benzodiazepines, such as Klonopin, (which is similar
to Valium).  This probably acts just by keeping you sedated enough so that
you don't actually wake up during these unpleasant dreams.  Look for Dr.
Dement's textbook on sleep med. for detailed discussion.


>Has any research been done in the area of the sleep disorder commonly
>referred to as Night Terrors (Parasomnia)?
>I have been diagnosed in a sleep lab and after many drugs the _only_
>one to work is KLONOPIN and 2mg. per night.  This has surpressed all
>abnormal behavior.  It's odd how Klonopin has anticonvulsant
>properties yet with current diagnostic tools they didn't show any
>seizure activity.
>I'd say there's some direct cause/effect between the anticonvulsant
>properties in Klonopin and the supression of my Night Terrors...but
>little research has been done.
>Any comments appreciated...

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