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Ice-cream headaches and carotid sinus thrombosis

Loren A. Evey lae2 at psu.edu
Thu Feb 22 11:05:44 EST 1996

In Article<v01530502ad52146cdffe@[]>, <rhall at uvi.edu> writes:
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> > It's science project time for my 11 year old daughter's grade 5 class. We
> > are trying to put together some information about what the causes the
> > pain when you eat something cold too fast. Also we can't seem to find an
> The internal carotid arteries course near the posterior surface of the oral
> pharynx.  From there the carotids pass into the cranial vault providing
> blood to the brain.  Several important regions are fed by branches of the
> internal carotid including the semilunar ganglion and three major divisions
> of the trigeminal.  Several small branches pass medially to the pituitary.
> There are extensive anastomoses in cerebral vessels, but the carotid does
> supply most of the blood to the anterior and medial cerebral arteries.

This is why it could be fatal to walk around with a pencil in your mouth.

Could be involement of the opthalmic a. for that pain in the back of your eye.

There is disagreement in the anatomical literature on inclusion of the 
maxillary division of trigeminal nerve in the cavernous sinus.  Anatomist 
sometimes consider it part of the floor and not a content.  Clinical signs of 
cavernous sinus thrombosis may include maxillary disturbance.  This 
observation has lead some to include the maxillary division as a content.  
Perhaps the answer lies in terminology rather than structure.  Evenso, I had 
not considered disrupted blood supply (rather than direct neural damage) from 
the internal carotid artery as the cause for involvement of the second 
division.  For that matter, I am not aware of endocrine disturbances from 
erosion of hypophseal arteries.  I suppose one could argue that there are 
adequate anastomotic channels to avert signs (except in bilateral 
involvement).  Helmut?

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