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Thu Feb 22 17:53:21 EST 1996

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                                 CALL FOR PAPERS


                                Thirtieth Annual
                                   HICSS - 30
                        Maui, Hawaii, January 7-10, 1997

Papers are invited for the  Minitrack on  ENGINEERING COMPLEX COMPUTER SYSTEMS  
as  part  of  the  Advanced  Technology  track  at  the  Hawaii  International 
Conference on System Sciences (HICSS).


    Modern  computer  systems   and   applications   embody   many   different  
characteristics and properties that  are  currently  addressed,  studied,  and 
optimized independently. Nevertheless, although it is of basic  importance  to 
focus on these aspects independently, as a whole these  properties  feature  a 
complex interrelationship, and  thus  a  higher-level  view  of  the  complete 
project becomes mandatory.

    While perhaps some of the earlier computer  systems  could  be  described, 
designed and implemented with a particular focus on  one  objective  (such  as 
fault-tolerance or timeliness), or using a single method (such  as  Structured 
Programming),  it  is  very  questionable  whether  such  modern  and   future 
applications can be. Nowadays almost all electronic products are becoming more 
and more software based: complex computer systems are becoming common in  many 
sectors,  such  as  manufacturing,  communications,  defense,  transportation, 
aerospace, hazardous environments, energy, health  care,  etc.  These  systems 
feature a number of different characteristics (such as distributed processing, 
heterogeneous computational paradigms, high speed networks, novel bus systems,
or  special-purpose  hardware  enhancements  in  general)   and    performance 
requirements  (such  as  real-time  behavior,  fault   tolerance,    security, 
adaptability, development time and cost,  long life concerns).  The concurrent 
satisfaction of the systems requirements have a  considerable  impact  on  the 
hardware characteristics and vice-versa. The analysis of the complete project, 
as a whole, is a major point in the design of the computer system  itself  and
plays a basic role throughout the entire system life.       

    The  ECCS  Minitrack  will  bring  together  industrial,   academic,   and
government experts from  these  various  disciplines,  to  determine  how  the 
disciplines' problems  and  solution  techniques  interact  within  the  whole 
system.  Researchers, practitioners, tool developers and users, and technology 
transition experts are all welcome.


    Papers are solicited on all major aspects of  ECCS  including  specifying, 
designing,  prototyping,  building,  testing,  operating,  maintaining,    and 
evolving of complex computer systems, including:

        *  Software engineering, re-engineering, reverse engineering
        *  Complex real-time architectures, tools, environments and languages
        *  AI and intelligent systems
        *  Database and data management
        *  Dependable real-time systems
        *  Virtual reality, multimedia, real-time imaging
        *  Algorithms, optimization and analysis
        *  Analytical techniques
        *  Megaprogramming, visual programming
        *  Performance estimation, prediction and optimization
        *  Prototyping and testing techniques
        *  Formal methods and formal specification techniques
        *  Hardware/software co-design
        *  Communications, networking, mobile computing
        *  Highly heterogeneous, distributed and parallel platforms
        *  Case studies and project reports


    Alberto Broggi                       Alexander D. Stoyenko
      Dip. Ingegneria dell'Informazione    Real-Time Computing Laboratory, CIS
      Universita` di Parma                 New Jersey Institute of Technology
      I-43100 Parma, Italy                 Newark, New Jersey 07102 USA
      Fax: +39 - 521 905723                Fax: (201) 596-5777
      Email: broggi at CE.UniPR.IT            Email: alex at vulcan.njit.edu

    Papers should be submitted to:

                        Alberto Broggi
                          HICSS'97 ECCS Coordinator
                          Dipartimento di Ingegneria dell'Informazione
                          Universita` di Parma, Viale delle Scienze
                          I-43100 Parma, Italy


    Further  information  about  the  ECCS  Minitrack  are  available  at  the
following WWW address: 

    If you wish to receive automatic updates about  this  event,  please  send 
Email to:
			broggi at CE.UniPR.IT 

indicating "ECCS" as subject. 


1.  Submit 6 (six) copies of the  full  paper,  consisting  of  20 - 25  pages
    double-spaced including title  page,  abstract,  references  and  diagrams
    directly to the minitrack coordinator.

2.  Do not submit the paper to more than one  minitrack.    The  paper  should
    contain original material and not be  previously  published  or  currently
    submitted for consideration elsewhere.

3.  Each paper must have a tile page which includes the title,  full  name  of 
    all  authors,  and  their  complete  addresses  including  affiliation(s),
    telephone number(s) and e-mail address(es).

4.  The first page of the paper  should  include  the  title  and  a  300-word 


March 15, 1996:    Abstracts submitted to track coordinators for guidance and 
    indication of appropriate content: authors unfamiliar with HICSS or those 
    who wish additional guidance are encouraged to contact any coordinator to 
    discuss potential papers.

June 1, 1996:      Full  papers  submitted  to  the  appropriate  track,   or 
    minitrack coordinator.

August 31, 1996:   Notification of accepted papers mailed to authors.

October 1, 1996:   Accepted manuscripts,  camera-ready ,  sent  to  minitrack 
    coordinators; one author from each paper  must  register  by  this  time.

November 15, 1996: All other registrations  must be  received.  Registrations 
    received after this deadline may not be accepted due to space limitation.


    The conference Proceedings are published and distributed by IEEE  Computer 

The ENGINEERING COMPLEX COMPUTER SYSTEMS Minitrack is  part  of  the  Advanced 
Technology.   For more information on the  Advanced Technology Track  contact:

Ralph H. Sprague, Jr.
 E-mail: sprague at hawaii.edu
 Voice: (808) 956-7082
 Fax: (808) 956-9889


There are three other majors tracks in  the  conference:    Software,  Digital 
Documents, and Information Systems.  The Information Systems Track has several 
minitracks that focus  on  a  variety  of  research  topics  in  Collaboration 
Technology, Decision Support and Knowledge-Based Systems,  and  Organizational 
Systems and Technology.   For  more information on the  other  tracks,  please

Software Technology Track:
 Hesham El-Rewini                  rewini at unocss.unomaha.edu

Digital Documents Track:
 M. Stuart Lynn                    msylnn at ucop.edu

Information Systems Track:
 Ralph H. Sprague, Jr.             sprague at hawaii.edu
 Jay F. Nunamaker, Jr.             nunamaker at bpa.arizona.edu
 Eileen Dennis (Track Assistant)   edennis at uga.cc.uga.edu

The purpose of HICSS is to provide a  forum  for  the  interchange  of  ideas, 
research results, development activities, and applications among  academicians 
and practitioners in computer-based systems sciences.  The conference consists 
of tutorials, advanced seminars, presentations of accepted papers, open forum, 
tasks forces, and  plenary and distinguished guest lectures.   There is a high 
degree of interaction and discussion among the conference participants because 
the conference is conducted in a workshop-like setting.

For  more  information  on  the  conference,  please  contact  the  conference

Barbara Edelstein
College of Business Administration
University of Hawai'i
2404 Maile Way
Honolulu, HI 96822
Voice: (808) 956-3251
Fax: (808) 956-9685
E-mail: hicss at hawaii.edu

or visit the World Wide Web page: http://www.cba.hawaii.edu/hicss

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