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Anyone know the method for marking (steel) electrode site electrochemically (Prussian Blue?)?

Brian Scott scott at psych.toronto.edu
Sat Feb 24 16:26:44 EST 1996

In article <Dn8wBB.Ln4 at utcc.utoronto.ca> bscott at spine.med.utoronto.ca (Brian Scott) writes:
>In article <4gkmfc$t9f at bigblue.oit.unc.edu>,
>David Parsons  <dparsons at med.unc.edu> wrote:
>>I want to mark an extracellular recording site at the end of an experiment
>> via 
>>elctrochemical deposition of Fe ions from the tip of the elctrode (a fine 
>[stuff deleted]
>>colour (was it with K ferricyanide?, a Prussion blue reaction I think).   
>We've done electrical stimulation in rat through chronically implanted
>stainless steel electrodes and lesioned with about 400 - 800 uA for 10 sec.
>This is probably much higher than you'd like to use though.  To see the
>placement we used a solution of K-Ferrocyanide, K-Ferricyanide and some
>kind of acid.

Check out _Electrical Stimulation Research Techniques_, Academic Press, 1981
Michael M. Patterson & Raymond P. Kesner, eds., p. 159.

3% (by weight) potassium ferrocyanide
3% potassium ferricyanide
0.5% trichloroacetic acid

mixed with perfusate (10% formalin) in our case.  We usually let the whole
brain sit in it for a while too.

>This was added to the perfusate (formalin) and simply perfused
>intra-cardially.  The site shows up as a bright blue-green dot.  It's pretty
>nifty.  We used to have trouble locating lesion sites near the edge of the
>brain even at such high currents but this made it much easier.  
>>Also, can it be done in both whole mounts (cleared or not) and sections? 
>I believe it could easily be done in both.
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