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Interneural Radio Communication

Ron Blue rcb1 at LEX.LCCC.EDU
Mon Feb 26 19:39:15 EST 1996

On Fri, 23 Feb 1996, headwave wrote:
> It is a question which cannot be answered until an exhaustive
> investigation is made to determine if there is *any* detectable
> electromagnetic radiation emitted from the brain.
You mean by you.  Others have tried.  87% of the psychologist who
have worked in your area of interest say there is NOTHING there and
it was a waste of their time and money.
The real reason for your interest is likely due to personal experiences
of deja vu.  Consider that deja vu can be primed by a electomagnetic
oscillation over the temporal lobe.  
Deja is frequently reported in Tramatic Brain Injury over the
temporal lobe so is reminiscence.
> 	By "interneural communication", I do indeed mean
> communication between cells in different brains. I do not
> see why this could not be wholly possible in known science.
> Please see my post "Radio Basis for Telepathy" in
> <alt.paranet.science>.
Science only means to know.  So the work science in your sentence
does not create truth.
> 	What is telepathy
Research suggest with 99% certainty that telepathy does not exist.
Precognition may exist however.  This does not violate quantum mechanics.
> to some is simply neural 
> communication to others albeit, neural radio communication.
> The only thing presently missing are the radio waves.
> Why not look for them?
You mean again?  Why don't you give your time developing tools to help
us check out more promising approaches?  Tell us your skills and what
you could do and someone will take you up on your offer.
> Unless there is some overriding
> social bias precluding the discovery of neural radio emission;
Alright I will have to concur that the earth is flat, but this exist ONLY
in ten dimensions which I can not access.
> it would seem like a natural thing to do. We are currently
> searching for extraterrestrial intelligence by scanning the
> heavens for meaningful radio emissions.
SETI was given the ax and the golden feece award.  I TOTALLY support
the SETI program and effort.
> It seems that we
> are closer to the stars than our own minds.
Stars are simple compared to minds.  I have a deep interest in astronomy.
Ron Blue
> On an engineer's
> salary, I can do but so much.
> 				Rich.
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