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Interneural Radio Communication

Administrador del Nodo Postmaster at neubio.sld.ar
Tue Feb 27 12:30:46 EST 1996

Hello, neuronetters!

                     Ron (rcb1 at lax.lccc.edu) wrote:

>Precognition may exist however.

                     Since all those of us working in
mental health hospitals are well acquainted with the
most bizarre extremes of such claim (that in the "ex-
ternal world" got its share in the wishful-thought bu-
siness) I seriously would like to know if Ron have no-
tice of at least one hint of non-pseudoscientific evi-
dence to ground his affirmation. 

                      Or, contrarily, if he would be
prone to simply recognize that his "may" was a mere abs-
tention of ruling it out, a refusal of taking the ab-
sence of evidence as evidence of absence - perhaps a
bit too contumacious refusal, on which too many episte-
mological discussions might be built, but that I am
prone to fully respect leaving it to Ron's freedom.


                      Regarding radiowave telepathy,
let me solely point out that in case that it would be
feasible it only could convey structural information,
since the one-witness non-structural characterizations
(to which a great share of research effort is devoted
in our hylozoist tradition) are unconveyable by space
channels due to their non-structurality; my former post-
ings in this list often dealt with this subject matter.
This is a most pregnant reason to rule such telepathy
out. But there is even another more pregnant: the evo-
lutionary pressure selection to develop such an adap-
tive tool would have been giant, if physically feasible.
If it did not act evinces that such telepathy is unfea-
sible, IMHO.


       Prof. Mariela Szirko,
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       Centro de Investig. Neurobiologicas, Ministry of Health 
& Welfare, Argentine Republic; and 
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