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Interneural radio communication

Administrador del Nodo Postmaster at neubio.sld.ar
Wed Feb 28 23:13:44 EST 1996

Aloha, neuronetters!

                     Up to my notices, "fishes"
(of course, four REALLY DIFFERENT Classes!) and
Monotremata having electrical field communica-
tion do only employ non-radiative field varia-
tions, that easily can have evolved from ephap- 
tic coupling.  As I said some postings ago, it is
simple approaching them with a radiative descrip-
tion (by zeroing some vectors and quantifying the
process), but I have not the tiniest motive to
suspect that they send real photons.  Perhaps some-
body can instruct me in this regard.  About non-
Chordate Animalia and the other multicell phyla
(Chromista, Plantae and Fungi) surely there are
biophoton emissions but unconnected with psychisms
(and unconnectable, because non-structural characte-
rizations are unconveyable through space channels; and
because such biodiversity didn't evolve psychisms ex-
cept probably some Deca- <perhaps Octo> Dibranchia Ce-
phalopoda). About the modulation of (extrachordate) 
biophoton emissions into any patterns ("messages"),
I find myself utterly ignorant.

Can anybody comment further on?


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