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Unipole magnets and Parkinsons Disease

Karoly Mirnics, M.D. karoly at vms.cis.pitt.edu
Thu Feb 29 16:42:16 EST 1996

bbbear at visuallink.com wrote:

> My hypothesis is briefly this:

Though I am very sympathetic to your disease, please, understand that the very best
researchers are deling with the problem... Your hypothesis if flawed in its bases,
as the basic scientific facts do not come together. Just one example:
> 2.  These toxins, specifically mercury in my case, subtly change the red blood
>       cell in such a way that it can no longer function as a normal red blood
>       cell.  That is to say, it can no longer pass on nutrients to other cells.
>       My best guess is that these specific cells in the Substantia Nigra died of
>       oxygen deprivation.

Red blood cells (RBCs) do NOT pass on nutrients to any cells, they carry oxygen. 
In PD RBCs ARE normal and their function is normal.

Also, your hypothesis does not explain the key question why the RBCs would not
deliver oxygen selectively to Nigra cells.

> 11. Maybe my hypothesis is all wrong, but it seems to be logically more
>       likely to be true, than not.

It is wrong, and it is logical that it is wrong - you just do not have 
the education and the knowlege of the field. Though it is a nice try,
you will have to leave the theories to the scientists who dedicated
their life to find the cure of PD.

I understand your frustration that we do not know the answers yet, and
we can not cure it - still we know much more about PD than five years
ago. And one they we WILL find a cure...

Also keep in mind that we might understand the disease itself very soon,
but the cure can lag behind for many-many years...

Best wishes and dont give up! 



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