Awakenings & the Will of Beauty

John H. Casada casad at umich.edu
Fri Aug 1 14:37:50 EST 1997

tripleu at telis.org wrote:
> From the Will of the Ball to the Will of Beauty

Was this serious?  It seemed to me that this entire essay was about 
something that was never defined or even shown to be possible.  What 
does "the will of the ball" mean?  Is there any evidence that such a 
thing exists?  The comparison of the strengths of the will of the 
window and the will of the pattern on the floor just takes this 
absurdity and (pretending like it is real) raises it a few levels.

If this wasn't serious, then please ignore the above and give me a 
  John Casada

	Truth often suffers more by the heat of its defenders					
		than from the arguments of its opposers. -- William Penn

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