Help -- Russian-speaking Neurosurgean?

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Subject: Help -- Russian-speaking Neurosurgean?
       Date: 6 Aug 1997 18:36:21 GMT
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Date: Wed,  6 Aug 1997 10:04:30 +0400 (MSD)
From: Kamol Samadov <kamol at tac.gimli.com>
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Subject: HELP!!

I dunno if you're in A2 or not.  I am in URGENT need of help.  Kamol's
one year old daughter is dying of some kind of brain lesion/tumor.
I thought I was going to be able to get her to the US for treatment, but
for the time being it looks like that has fallen through.  I'm *not*
about to give up, so I'm trying to build some connections between the
pediatric oncologists who are treating Sabrina in Moscow and the ones
in Georgetown University Hospital who are working on her case pro-bono.

Obviously, it's a HUGE translation problem.  The lead doctor at
Georgetown now wants me to find a Russian-English speaking
neurosurgeon, and I'm coming up completely blank.  Can you PLEASE
PLEASE beat some bushes on your end and see if you can come up
with anything?  It would not surprise me if there were some in the
military, but I have no links to the US Russian-speaking military
intelligence types who might know of doctors.  I thought if you still
have contacts at the VA there, they might be able to pull on their

If you know of any doctors, med-psych types (I thought of you because
the work is so close), or even academics who might be familiar with
those who read Russian for their scholarship, let me know.  Philly,
with its large Russian population would be a good place to try, but I
don't have any contacts in the Russian community there.

Please forward this message anywhere you think appropriate.

Time is of the essence; on July 24, the doctors in Tashkent gave
Sabrina a week to live.  She's still hanging in, in some ways even
seeming better, but I still don't even have a diagnosis from the Russian
doctors, despite her being in Moscow now for a week and a half.  Mostly
they are saying they don't understand.

Contact info for me:
Vika Gardner
kamol at tac.gimli.com
(from the US) 011-7-3712-41-82-35

I should be back in the US in September; I will call you when I have
an address and phone there!!

Sarah  : )

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