hydroxycorticosteroid as a treatment???

Mario kukobuka at leo.bekkoame.or.jp
Thu Aug 7 04:27:47 EST 1997


I have been taking, (as per doctor's prescription) weekly shots of a
steroid known as hydroxycorticosteroid in a treatment for cluster

According to my neurologist, the treatment will consist of a total of
eight (8) applications of which I took already three (3)

So far I'm quite satisfied with the treatment, considering the fact that
I only had one major headache till now this year (Cluster Headaches
occur once in a year and usually last from 2 weeks to 2 months of daily
excruciating pain)


When I mentioned the tratment to another doctor, he told me that he was
totaly against the use of hydroxycorticosteroid this way, and he asked
me if his "collegue" told me about the side effects, chest pain, sexual
impotence among others. 

I confronted both physicians and as a result of it they decided that I
was the one who should determine if I wanted to go on or not with the
But to take such decision I need some insights on the potential effects
of hydroxycorticosteroid use.

could someone give me a detailed insight on this issue?

thanks in advance.

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