Malcolm Young m.p.young at ncl.ac.uk
Fri Aug 8 09:24:05 EST 1997

We have a postdoctoral position from October 97 for a visual
neurophysiologist. The project will examine the possible role of
neuronal synchrony in visual feature binding.

The post is funded at the Wellcome Trust's Level 2. Ideally, we would
like to find someone with good experience in visual neurophysiology;
some experience in visual psychophysics; experience in computational
analysis (e.g. using information theory); and experience in graphics
programming, most usefully with the VSG system. But this is a tall
order, and people with subsets of these skills should certainly apply
if interested.
The project is empirical -  the data and experimental controls
will tell us what to conclude about this controversial issue - and so
an applicant's degree of enthusiasm or scepticism for the
binding-by-synchrony theory is not important. Motivation to address
the uncertainties in visual feature integration is much more important.
Please will interested neurophysiologists contact Malcolm Young, Martin
Tovee or Jack Scannell at:
malcolm at flash.ncl.ac.uk
m.j.tovee at ncl.ac.uk
j.w.scannell at ncl.ac.uk
Malcolm Young
Neural Systems Group
Faculty of Medicine
Newcastle upon Tyne

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