Did Killer Kola Konquer Vets?

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Tests on 26 Navy veterans with Gulf War syndrome reveal brain damage
symptomatic of chemical poisoning reported Dr. Jim Hom of the University
of Texas Medical Center. (Reuters 8/1/97).  The victims showed fatigue,
imbalance, confusion, pain, sleep problems and a "global" pattern of brain
damage including depreciated memory, intelligence, attention span,
language use, co-ordination and the entire function of the brain.
Identical symptoms are on a list of 10,000 consumer complaints of
aspartame disease compiled by the FDA. 92 reactions on the list including
seizures, tremors, comas, loss of vision, disequilibrium, memory loss,
fatigue, neurological, headaches, speech impairment, sleep problems,
unsteady gait and DEATH.  Aspartame is the technical name of the chemical
sold as NutraSweet and Equal by Monsanto Chemical Co., the largest
manufacturer of poisons on the planet. In l986 a petition to ban aspartame
because consumers were going blind was ignored by the FDA who are loyal to

In a game of musical desks many Monsanto/Searle NutraSweet executives and
Government officials including federal attorneys assigned to prosecute
Searle for fraudulent test reports have swapped jobs. 83 independent
studies have found serious problems with aspartame (60 Minutes 12/29/96). 
Studies funded by the manufacturer say aspartame is healthy as rain, yet
even a pivotal study, RAO, on 7 infant monkeys caused 6 out of 7 (one
died)  to have grand mal seizures which only stopped when the chemical was

 FDA has received more complaints on aspartame than all other food
additives but stopped counting reports two years ago and approved it as a
general sweetener in June, l996, now estimated to be in 10,000 products.
The number one source of consumer complaints was diet drinks. 

Gulf Vets report that pallets of diet colas sat in the Arabian sun for
weeks.  At 86 degrees F it releases methyl alcohol, formaldehyde,
diketopiperazine (brain tumor agent) and other chemical poisons. The best
way to understand NutraSweet is to think of it as a minute dose of nerve
gas that eradicates brain and nerve functions.  The National Soft Drink
Association opposed aspartame early on.  Their 30 page protest is listed
in the Congressional Record - Senate, May 7, l985, S 5507 - S 5511. 
"Aspartame is inherently and uniquely unstable"..  In summer sun a can of
soda may reach over 120 degrees! 

Even with vaccinations and other chemotoxic assaults this has to be a
contributing cause, and accumulative.  These problems exist with aspartame
the world over and the FDA report documents the problems.
Dr. Louis Elsas, Professor of Pediatrics at Emory University testified to
Congress that aspartame is a neurotoxin and teratogen (triggers birth
defects).  FLYING SAFETY, the U.S. Air Force Magazine, May, l992, said the
aspartame in a single stick of sugarless gum have caused aspartame related
disorders.  "This could mean a pilot who drinks diet sodas is more
susceptible to flicker vertigo or to flicker-induced epileptic activity. 
It also means that all pilots are potential victims of sudden memory loss,
dizziness during instrument flight and gradual loss of vision." 

Betty Martini, founder of the anti-aspartame movement Mission Possible
International states:  "Formaldehyde Cocktails by Killer Kola Kompanies
was friendy fire that killed more troops than the enemy.  Thousands have
perished."  Martini puts it in rhyme: 

                American soldier clear of eye
                Go to the Gulf and gulp and die
                And fight to keep our profits high
                After we've claimed your fine young life
                We'll kill your baby and blind your wife

 Bressler Report, FDA audit on the Internet DORway WEB page at: 
http://www.dorway.com/bressler.txt  (entire report in one 160kb text file)
All reports mentioned in this release can be found on
http://www.dorway.com/possible.html with links to over 30 other sites.

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