Brain Structure & Mirror Handwriting?

Diane Pritchatt diane at bnclib.demon.co.uk
Thu Aug 14 03:39:57 EST 1997

In article <mmmcEEvzAI.2A7 at netcom.com>, mmmc at netcom.com writes
>       I don't have a degree or anything, so I don't know a whole lot.
>       Has there ever been any research on people who can do mirror
>handwriting?  (Handwriting that you have to hold up to a mirror to read.)
>With specific reference to how their brain is structured?
>       I've been told that someone who can mirror handwrite isn't as 
>"differentiated" (correct term?) between left and right hemispheres, that 
>brain functions are more evenly spread out.
>       If someone could point me to specific articles, books, internet 
>resources, etc. on this subject, it would be much appreciated.
>       I'll come back to this newsgroup to look for replies.  But 
>replies by email would also be appreciated.
>       Thank you.
>Seattle, WA
I am interested in this news thread.  When I was 6 years old, I read a
little comic for young children.  It showed writing in mirror image and
told you to hold a mirror to it, to read it.

I decided to try it myself.  So next time we were doing handwriting in
school, I started mirror imaging my writing.  The teacher had all sorts
of problems with me!!!  She thought something had gone wrong somewhere,
and told my Mum and Dad.  I find it really hilarious now.  My mum still
tells me about it every now and then.

Personally (and of course I am biassed), I think it showed I had quite a
lot of intelligence at the age of 6 - my classmates couldn't even write
forwards, let alone backwards!!!

Having worked in education before my present job, I think it showed some
of the following skills were highly developed at that age:

- Spatial awareness and orientation
- Language skills
- Independent thinking and experimentation

I wonder whether anyone else can shed light on this subject?

I grew up with an avid interest in reading and writing, and have now
been published as a poet, and am working simultaneously on two books,
one an historical novel, and one, a series of short mystery/murder
stories.  I was always very good at spelling, grammar and comprehension,
and got the school prize for English at the age of 12.  I am a librarian
by trade.  I wonder whether all this has to do with the ability to write
morror writing??!!
Diane Pritchatt

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