Brain Structure & Mirror Handwriting?

mmmc at netcom.com mmmc at netcom.com
Wed Aug 13 23:32:41 EST 1997

	I don't have a degree or anything, so I don't know a whole lot.
	Has there ever been any research on people who can do mirror
handwriting?  (Handwriting that you have to hold up to a mirror to read.)
With specific reference to how their brain is structured?
	I've been told that someone who can mirror handwrite isn't as 
"differentiated" (correct term?) between left and right hemispheres, that 
brain functions are more evenly spread out.
	If someone could point me to specific articles, books, internet 
resources, etc. on this subject, it would be much appreciated.
	I'll come back to this newsgroup to look for replies.  But 
replies by email would also be appreciated.
	Thank you.

Seattle, WA

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