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Richard Norman rsnorman at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 15 20:29:20 EST 1997

In article <33F2084E.4D29 at bu.edu>, ariana at bu.edu says...
>Thanks for the information, but if I may ask a follow-up question,
>        Would this spinalized patient show, then, same intensity
>        of flexor/cross extensor reflex when stepped on a thumbtack                             
>(noxious) vs. a cornflake (non-noxious) ?
>        Sincerely,
>        Jeung Lee
>        Boston U

A spinal reflex depends on the sensory input that elicits it. The
reflex you describe depends on cutaneous receptors.  Since they will
be stimulated quite differently with noxious stimuli than with
innocuous ones, the reflexes they elicit will be different.  The
difference is in the type of sensory stimulation -- it doesn't take
a brain to detect differences in incoming signals.

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