Difference between human brain and a rat's brain

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Sun Aug 17 14:14:26 EST 1997

tzusheng at duncan.cs.utk.edu (Tzusheng) wrote:
>... I like to know if the human brain has
>more dendrodendritic interaction through synapses. ...

More activity per synaptic interaction? Or more synaptic interactions
per time-unit? Or both? Different parts of each brain type are tuned
for various activities. These areas are characterized by increased
activity "density" as compared to other species. I don't have any hard
numbers to back this up. Access technical publications re P.E.T. and
perhaps there will be hard info there.

Another diff between a human and a rat brain is that axons are
generally longer in humans. So, it is not just the density of synapses
but also the distance over which neurons can share information that
distinguished the two brain-connection styles, at least in the
higher-mind cortical areas. As I understand it, however, the more
primative parts of the brain stem are substantially similar between
mammals in many respects such as connection density. That is just my
recollection and is no basis upon which to form conclusions.

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