Immortality 2 ***************************************************

AJP connect at chmai.loxinfo.co.th
Mon Aug 18 15:49:39 EST 1997

I am pleased that,  already, there have been a number of responses to my
original posting on Immortality.  

(For future reference,  I will post the subject "Immortality" with a
number, so people can follow the postings through in the appropriate

With those responses I am getting questions and requests for further
details and information which is understandable given the somewhat vague
content of the posting.

I am also getting questions that would potentially require a great deal of
time and energy to answer properly (assuming I can answer all questions). 

For the above reason, my original intention to establish a central
location for this kind of International activity, postings, and further
research, is being justified by the obvious interest and response.

For those of you who have asked for more specific information,  
please be patient,  that time will come but only under the appropriate

My approach, focus, and research on the subject of immortality, has
nothing to do with pills, electromagnetic fields, or any typicalform of
activity or product that, supposedly promotes or facilitates so-called
life extension.

The area I find myself in,  is so very delicate and sensative from many
points of view and perspectives, that I must be responsible and careful
with what is said and done. 

This is not just another opinion, it is a bio-physical fact. 

At this time,  I would like people to post their interest with the
appropriate groups or email me direct at .......
connect at chmai.loxinfo.co.th

If you post to the groups as well as direct, we can collectively pull
everyone interested in this subject out of the woodwork and centrally
connect them all.

Once an appropriate number of people have established the connection, I
will begin setting up the proposed Internet Based Center.

Kind Regards,

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