Cochlea Implant Symposium - Goettingen Neurobiology Conf 1998

Benjamin Godde Benjamin.Godde at neuroinformatik.ruhr-uni-bochum.de
Wed Aug 20 06:56:58 EST 1997

At the next Goettingen Neurobiology Conference (March 26-29, 1998) we
will organize a symposium on cochlea implants.

This symposium will focus on the effects of electrical cochlear implant
stimulation on different processing levels from periphery to neocortex,
including behavioural studies. We hereby invite you to contribute your
own posters to this symposium. For further information have a look at
our homepage at:
If you want to give a talk please contact me immediately. Only one or
two further talks can be accepted because of the restricted time.  

There is also a conference homepage at:

Please forward this to any interested person.
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