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Subject: Alzheimers (and information on diabetes)

I see there has been some discussion in this newsgroup on supplements used
in Alzheimers. Dr. Russell Blaylock, neurosurgeon, and author of
Excitotoxins:  The Taste That Kills (1 800 -643-2665) sent me a paper
titled ADDITIVES AND YOUR HEALTH, Energy-Producing Enzymes and Alzheimers.

He says: " The cure for Alzheimer's disease may lie in restoring the
brain's ability to generate energy.  Recent studies using PET scans (which
demonstrate the actual metabolism of the living brain) of affected brain
areas in Alzheimer's or Huntington's patients show a decrease in energy
production and glucose utilization long before the disease becomes
clinically evident.  

The problem with energy production appears to center itself in the
mitochondria, the energy factory in the cell.  A growing list of
mitochrodial diseases have been discovered.  Recently, doctors have been
able to reverse some of these disorders by utilizing supplements known to
play a part in this energy process.

One of the most effective combinations has been CoQ10, acetyl-L-carnitine,
riboflavin, thiamine, pyrodoxine, niacinimide and ginkgo biloba.  While
this combination has not been adequately studied in Alzheimer's patients
it holds much promise.  The key would be to start the regiment very early
in the course of the disease before excitotoxic damage has become

Another compound that has shown interesting results is phosphotidyserine,
one of the brain's phopholipds.  It also plays a vital role in membrane
function.  As we age, our cellular membranes begin to change, to become
stiffer.  Proper functioning of the membrane requires that it be more
fluid.  Phosphotidylserine appears to do just that.  Interestingly, it
also acts as a glutamate blocker, thereby preventing excitotoxic damage to
the cell.

Those having hyupoglycemia or a strong family history of one of the
neurodegenerative diseases should avoid excitotoxins in their food and
probably should take these supplements at any early age, beginning in
their twenties or thirties.  This would boost their brain's energy supply
thereby protecting vulnerable brain cells from injury.  I would also
recommend dietary modifications."

The excitotoxins discussed in Dr. Blaylock's book are aspartame
(NutraSweet) and MSG.

Also, Dr. Blaylock discusses that aspartame precipitates diabetes.  

Aspartame also damages the pancreas.  From ASPARTAME (NutraSweet) IS IT
SAFE? page 162: "The upper abdominal pain suffered by several patients
shortly after ingesting an aspartame product was possibly due to
inflammation of the pancreas.  None dared risk rechallenge for fear of
provoking another excruciating attack.  The following observations are

     *Significant accumulation (uptake) of radioactively-labeled
      aspartame by the rat pancreas has been demonstrated within
      30 minutes after its administration (Matsuzawa l984)

     *Phenylalanine causes a significant increase in pancreatic
      enzyme output.

     *The administration of an amino acid solution containing
      phenylalanine is being used to stimulate chymotrypsin produc-
      tion by the pancreas in testing drugs and other substances
      for their possible benefit in severe chronic pancreatitis
      (Slaff l984)."

Dr. H. J. Roberts who is a diabetic specialist says in this book also
on page 191:  "In my medical practice as a diabetes specialist, I have
come to the conclusion that aspartame containing products may adversely
affect some patients at ALL stages of this disease.  This has been
evidence by (1) the loss of diabetes control, (2) the precipitation of
overt clinical diabetes, (3) more frequent and severe reactions to insulin
or oral hypoglycemic drugs, (4) failure to follow the recommended diet and
(5) the aggravation or simulation of complications involving the eyes
(retinopathy), kidneys (nephropathy) and peripheral nerves (neuropathy)."

Dr. Roberts has been doing research on Alzheimers for over 30 years and
when aspartame was approved he noticed in his diabetic patients memory
loss and confusion.  Indeed, memory loss is one of the most common
symptoms in aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal, etc) use.  A couple of years ago
he wrote the book DEFENSE AGAINST ALZHEIMERS DISEASE (1 800 -643-2665).
In the book he discusses how aspartame is escalating this 20th century
disease, now the 4th leading cause of death in adults.  50% of all beds in
nursing homes are now occupied by Alzheimer victims, even mature baby
boomers.  One hospice nurse, Susan Laird, said that Alzheimer victims are
now being admitted at the age of 30!

Dr. Roberts says in his book, page 27:

"The following data reinforce the magnitude of this affliction in the
United States.

  *AD currently affects more than four million persons.
  *An estimated 250,000 new cases are being diagnosed annually.
  *As of April 1991, the Alzheimer Association of Pam Beach County had
   a patient load of 12,000 persons with a physician-diagnosis of
   probable AD.
  *The number of individuals 65 and older will double by the year
   2030, thereby  constituting 20 percent of the population (Wrecker 1991)

On September 17, l995, Dr. Blaylock wrote me a personal letter about the
fact that the aspartame syndrome mimics MS.  In his last paragraph he
talks about how frightening the picture is becoming and says: "What really
concerns me about aspartame is its association with brain tumors as well
as pancreataic, uterine and ovarian tumors.  Also the fact that so many
develp an Alzheimer's - like syndrome with prolonged exposure."..

Incidently, Dr. Roberts position paper on how Aspartame Disease mimics MS
is on the DORway web site, address below my signature. In l995 at the
World Environmental Conference, Dr. Gaylord of the EPA said in her keynote
address: "We have an epidemic of MS and we cannot identify the toxin."
I was there to lecture on MS being mimicked by aspartame and to identify
the toxin as NutraSweet.

We have asked for the immediately recall of NutraSweet from the worldwide
market, and operations of Mission Possible have been set up all over the
world to warn off all consumers.  Attorney General Janet Reno has been
asked to do a complete investigation, especially on the way that aspartame
was approved, when a Board of Inquiry said not to do it.  And the fact
that two U.S. Prosecutors were asked to indict the original manufacturer
for fraud but instead went to work for the law firm defending the case.  

In the meantime we suggest you investigate the seriousness of this
problem. The FDA list 92 documented symptoms from coma and blindness to
seizures to death.  When Joyce Wilson died of aspartame she was completely
blind, had been misdiagnosed as having MS because NutraSweet had destroyed
her central nervous system, and had no memory.  She died like an Alzheimer
victim.  Be warned! The cases continue to pour in from around the world.

Betty Martini
Mission Possible International

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