Difference between human brain and a rat's brain

epibatidine randall.braun at gecits.ge.com
Tue Aug 19 16:01:04 EST 1997

On 16 Aug 1997 23:44:09 -0400, tzusheng at duncan.cs.utk.edu (Tzusheng)

>It seems to me that there is no much difference between a rat's brain
>and a human's brain, except that a human's brain probably has much 
>more dendritic interaction. I like to know if the human brain has
>more dendrodendritic interaction through synapses. Any information 
>on microscopic difference would be appreciated. Thank you. 
Well, one major difference is that the rat brain is much smaller than
(most) human brains.

More seriously,  it would be very hard to generalize your question, as
there are many regiospecific differences. For example, the rat has a
much more developed olfactory system than humans, while the visual
cortex is probably less developed. The basic structures are similar in
form between species, but there relative sizes & locations will vary
from species to species. To answer your question, you'd probably need
to find information on the specific area you are interested in.  

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