Can anyone name this book?

Elizabeth M. Adler Elizabeth.M.Adler at WILLIAMS.EDU
Sat Aug 23 16:41:41 EST 1997

At 02:24 AM 8/23/97 -0400, Michael Hucka wrote:
>I recall some years ago coming across a book, a collection of neuroscience
>papers, that looked very worthwhile.  The problem is, now that I'd like to
>get a copy, I can't remember the title, or the authors, or even the
>publication year.  

Possibly this is the book you're thinking of. It fits your description
pretty well(even the teal cover).
Cellular neurophysiology; a source book. Edited by Ian Cooke [and] Mack
Lipkin, Jr
Publisher: New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston [1972]


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