Can anyone name this book?

Michael Hucka hucka at eecs.umich.edu
Sat Aug 23 01:24:07 EST 1997

I recall some years ago coming across a book, a collection of neuroscience
papers, that looked very worthwhile.  The problem is, now that I'd like to
get a copy, I can't remember the title, or the authors, or even the
publication year.  Not too smart, eh?

So I'm hoping this will sound familiar to someone: the copy I saw was
paperback, had (I think) a blueish or teal colored cover, and contained,
among other things, famous papers from Hubel & Wiesel, Hodgkin & Huxley, and
many others.  It was a thick book (probably 2-3 inches thick).

Does this ring a bell with anyone?

Sorry for making such a lame posting, but I'd like to track down this book.

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