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> This is a very interesting site, holds out a great deal of hope, I
> think. This kind of research is gathering momentum rapidly, it can only
> now be a matter of time.                         <
> http://www.ufbi.ufl.edu/Dept/Meeting.html > 
> No longer experimenting on rats, cats, & dogs, and putting up with
> PETA's BS. Why has it taken so long?

Having looked at the web page mentioned a couple of days ago. I expect
that the anti-abortionists will now have something to say, since the
treatment involves injecting fetal cells (if I remember correctly).

Also, if something goes badly wrong, there will be many people asking
why more animal experiments were not performed. In addition to suing
the scientists, doctors, and institutions involved.

There's a fine line to be trodden....


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