New Book? [The Conscious Universe by Dean Radin]

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Sun Aug 24 19:34:28 EST 1997

Howard Olson wrote:
> On Wed, 13 Aug 1997 22:36:08 -0500, "Jerry E. Wesch"
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>         I scanned it in the bookstore and i plan to buy it soon. It
> looks like "The Conscious Universe" is going to be important. Radin is
> an important figure in modern parapsychology and I am glad he
> published this book.
>                         Howard

Quite a remarkable book really.  I just bought and read it cover to
cover.  Well worth the $25.  I have always been interested in but
skeptical (in the sense of doubtful but open minded) about the whole
field of "psi".  I think Radin does an excellent job of showing how
unlikely it is that the phenomenon simply does not exist.  There is even
an amazing quote by none other than Carl Sagan that there may be
something to this stuff after all - an almost incedible admission for a
lifelong skeptic.  I think the book will be instrumental in verifying
the existence of the phenomenon and moving the debate from "does it
exist" to "why does it exist".  An intriguing theory of the mechanism of
psi has been put forward by Jack Sarfatti, a physicist.  You can get an
idea of what he thinks by checking 


Other authors who have written on the subject include Roger
Penrose(Shadows of the mind), Henry Stapp(Mind,Matter and the quantum)
and Nick Herbert(Elemental Mind).  All present theories of "qualia" that
attempt to connect the inner subjective world to the outer physical
world.  Very interesting stuff.

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