Problems with Neuronal Culture

matkisso at opal.tufts.edu matkisso at opal.tufts.edu
Wed Aug 27 09:24:13 EST 1997

billmars at nwu.edu, you're email bounces.  Here's the response I tried to
send to you.

Mostly we work with cultures of
chick DRG neurons.  We also have fairly cyclic terms of lousy cells, and
we think it has to do with the weather.  We have fertile eggs shipped to
the lab (as you likely have pregnant or LWP rats delivered), and the
consensus (based solely on the observation that heat of summer and dead of
winter correspond) is that the exposure of the eggs to more than usual
extremes can affect the subsequent culture.

But of course, we don't really know <grin>.


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