Ritalin vs Dexedrine

Robert A. Schwartz RobertS193 at worldnet.att.net
Wed Aug 27 16:41:23 EST 1997

Allright Im back after trial of Lamictal...accidently discovered 
that when I upped the Dexedrine dose I have been on from 10mg-
to 30mg I no longer crashed into depression 10 times or more daily
I have been on WellbutrinSR 400mg for quite a while and it helps
a bit.  I have also been on Ritalin 60mg for quite a while.  At
first when I took 5mg of Ritalin I was awake and productive all
day until tolerance developed and 60mg was my dose...30 at a time
gave me only an hour of pep so I could exercise if thats all I
did all day.  Well I presented this to doc..and he feels I have
problems in dopamine regulatory system as all meds that work for
me produce extra dopamine..Well so this is the Story:
I am on 30-40mg Ritalin now....no SR did nothing for me.  It gives
me a swift kick out of bed...then 20mg Dexedrine +10 in the after
noon I am functioning DAY @#@#$#$#$  I am scared stiff I will 
develop tolerance and the same thing that happened to me with
the Ritalin could happen again....so I am not rushing full time
classes (I need to have 18 graduate hours by end summer to keep
my job as teacher in Florida)I know Dexedrine has much longer
half life than Ritalin so I am hoping for the best...by the 
way I am bipolar however only manic 3X in 10 years...mostly
unresponsive depression spending 10 YEARS IN BED...10 years lost,\
and I am so frightened it will be taken away again...I am not
on an antimanic drug as they all knock me out...even Lamictal.
They say Welllbutrin is least likely to produce mania...and I have
not been manic in over 2 years....well guys...anyone else on
Ritalin or 
Dexedrine..could use your info....thankyou:}

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