Complexity Studies

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Please join us at "http://members.aol.com/calresco" for networking and
discourse about the wide range of topics that now fit under Complex Systems
approach to scientific data analysis.

CalResCo is a non-profit organization dedicated to furthering the studies
of Complex Systems.  Our website includes a wide range of articles, links
to other places on Internet, and FAQ's of relevant newsgroups on this subject.

Complex Systems Theory include a wide range of areas of study such as
self-organization in complex non-organic systems, chaos theory, nonlinear
approaches to data analysis, and various revolutionary approaches to
computer simulation, problem solving, etc. such as artificial life, neural
nets, genetic algorithyms, evolutionary programming, and much much more.

After visiting our site, we would be honored to receive from you feedback:
 articles in response, links that we should include, and positive and
negative feedback about how we can make our site more effective.  Also, you
can e-mail us at CalResCo at aol.com.

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