frontal lobe lesions and anosognosia

JAMESR JAMESR at psycho1.bham.ac.uk
Fri Aug 29 19:52:49 EST 1997

I am working with a brain-damaged patient who has bilateral lesions of 
the frontal and temporal lobes from carbon-monoxide poisoning  He 
exhibits unawareness of his deficits, and I would be very grateful if 
anyone could send me copies of any of the questionnaires that are 
designed to access level of unawareness of deficit
 in clinical populations (e.g Schacter and McGlynn, Sunderland and 

Also, I would be interested in any views on unawareness of deficits or
 self-awareness, and their neural or psychological bases.
 Thanks, Bob James (Birmingham Cognitive Science dept.)

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