The brain: a neutral network

mervyn at xs4all.nl mervyn at xs4all.nl
Sat Aug 30 15:00:55 EST 1997

>   From: "Ron Blue" <rcb5 at msn.com>
>I know where you are coming from and would agree at a fundamental
>level with your statements.  Others are not likely to be in a position to
>understand why you are saying what you are saying so it may be difficult
>to suggest improvements.
>A model can yield praticial suggestion, functional explainations, and
>experiential components.
>Perhaps this might suggest additional input you could provide the

Hi Ron,

Actually, I didn't want to waste to much attention of the reader with
discussing the complexity of the emerging structure and dynamics. I wanted
to stress the importance of the exploration of the implications and
inescapability of simple and powerful reinforcing mechanisms (like
'forced/emerging' feedback control). In other words:  I believe that if
all AI research would have been done in the field this kind of abstract
learning instead of task-specific learning, my Mac probably would
generated instead of processed this text :-)

So, my goal was to touch the topics that are touched by the model,
we shouldn't worry about complexity but about simplicity and 
inescapability of criterions for recognizing intelligence.

Have a nice day!

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